Healthcare CMMS Software Solutions For Any Medical Facility

maintenance and repair of medical equipment
Manage your facility with ease using a cutting-edge healthcare CMMS software.

In today’s competitive world, running a healthcare organization requires the intelligent management of assets and services. As far as assets are concerned, the objective is to follow guidelines to ensure an error-free operation of medical equipment in the long run with minimum downtime. In this regard, a healthcare computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is an ideal bet for hospitals taking a 360-degree approach to address common challenges in facility management. 

Challenges in Healthcare Facility Management and Maintenance

Many challenges exist in healthcare facility management, including:

  • Poor asset tracking
  • Multi-facility reporting
  • Poor inventory management
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Missing periodic maintenance
  • Falling behind on compliance and audits

We will discuss each of these challenges in-depth and how a cutting-edge healthcare CMMS software is the one-and-done solution.

Poor Asset Tracking 

As a new hospital grows in business and in patients, its number of medical assets increases too. Now, tracking the real-time status of all assets becomes a challenge. For instance, in the event of an emergency, knowing the exact location and status of life-saving equipment such as ventilators or EKG machines is crucial. The ability to track assets accurately and, in some cases, in real-time will not only save time and money but, more importantly—lives.  

The Hassle of Multi-Facility Reporting

Continuously monitoring the performance of essential medical equipment is a hassle in a multi-facility healthcare organization. The objective of an ideal maintenance management program is to keep a record of essential asset performance parameters. This list includes:

  • Uptime and downtime
  • Mean time to failures (MTTF)
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Mean time to acknowledge (MTTA)
  • And more

Working on these parameters helps extend the useful life of equipment in the long run. However, in the absence of a healthcare CMMS software, keeping tabs on such critical parameters of each asset from multiple facilities becomes next to impossible. 

Poor Inventory Management

There is a 100 percent chance that even a newly installed X-ray machine can go out of order in the middle of the busiest day. In such an event, the unavailability of a critical part needed to repair the equipment can lead to downtime. On the other hand, an overstocked inventory can also be expensive to maintain. Striking a balance between the two is key, but this is a challenge without the help of automation.

Unplanned Downtime

Lack of continuous monitoring and delay in response are two significant factors responsible for unplanned asset downtime. As a result, critical asset downtime can cost even a small hospital up to $427/minute and can go up to $9000/minute for large enterprises. Beyond the loss of revenue, it can be a life-or-death situation for patients. 

This calls for a proactive asset management program to reduce asset downtime and easily boost asset performance. 

Missing Periodic Maintenance 

It is crucial to inspect life-saving hospital equipment routinely. Various medical equipment (especially older equipment) found in nearly all hospitals need routine calibrations to function correctly. For instance, hemodialysis machines must undergo preventive maintenance (PM) quarterly or after 1000 hours of operation. Without regular inspections, critical changes in the devices go unnoticed. Minor abnormalities or issues can grow over time, resulting in a catastrophic machine failure that could have been avoided with timely inspections.  

Falling Behind Compliance & Audit 

Healthcare compliance is a monumental task spanning an entire organization and is handled daily by all hospitals. Healthcare compliance is the act of following all ethical, legal, and professional standards in healthcare. While primarily focused on patient care, meeting the ever-expanding compliance hurdles can be challenging for any organization.

The best solution to manage all of these hurdles in the healthcare industry, no matter the size of your organization, is a cutting-edge healthcare CMMS software.

How LLumin’s Healthcare CMMS+ Software Solutions Aid Healthcare Organizations 

LLumin’s advanced healthcare CMMS+ software adds certainty to your maintenance program. It improves your facility MTTR by 26% and reduces unplanned downtime by up to 44% within a year. With cutting-edge features, the application ticks all the boxes of an ideal healthcare CMMS software. You are able to read real-time machine vitals, organize unplanned/planned maintenance, auto-optimize inventory assets, conduct self-audits to be sure your organization is in compliance, and more from anywhere with a human-machine interface (HMI) or mobile device. It’s easy to deploy, and your dedicated project manager will help you throughout the implementation process.   

Here are some more unique characteristics of the software. 

Round-the-Clock Asset Tracking 

LLumin’s healthcare CMMS+ software performs auto-scans to discover and track medical assets for easy monitoring. It constantly monitors their performance against standard parameters and suggests a plan of action to boost their performance significantly. 

Multi-Facility Dashboards and Reports

The application gives you a bird’s eye view of essential aspects of machines from different facilities in one place. You can do this for inventory management, maintenance schedules, and even requisitions. You can also add business terminologies, pictures, and attributes to read the data more efficiently.

A Smart Way to Handle Inventory

When an asset goes down, it is critical to have the necessary parts to fix it as soon as possible. LLumin’s CMMS+ software tracks inventory levels and location to ensure a speedy repair of the machine. Along with that, the application offers historical usage data and automatically generates orders for needed parts in advance.

Advanced Machine Learning to Keep You Running

The hospital maintenance team can use the machine data coming through sensors to identify any out-of-spec equipment and generate alerts for urgent attention before it fails. Strong CMMS solutions track operator behaviors and enable them to improve efficiency with a history of past incidents.

A Proactive Approach for the Maintenance Team 

Hospitals often focus on fixing a broken piece of equipment after the machine starts exhibiting a problem (reactive maintenance). This leads to downtime and difficulties for everyone involved. By inspecting machines regularly (proactive maintenance), this problem can be largely avoided altogether. With access to analytics on actual asset data, management can forecast times for proactive inspections or maintenance. This frees up the maintenance team for other work, avoids unplanned maintenance, optimizes maintenance costs, and improves the life of costly hospital assets.  

Always Audit-Ready

LLumin’s healthcare CMMS+ software helps maintain building compliance into your everyday process. It makes tracking assets and verifying their functionality an easy automated process. Moreover, automatic smart alerts help the maintenance team fix machine anomalies before it is too late. As a result, your facility remains compliance-ready at any time.

Getting Started With LLumin

LLumin develops innovative CMMS software to manage and track assets for industrial plants, municipalities, utilities, fleets, and healthcare facilities. To get started, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or contact the experts at LLumin to see how our healthcare CMMS+ software can help you reach your efficiency and cost-cutting goals.