Public Works Software For Municipalities, Utilities, and Treatment Plants

Public Works Software For Municipalities, Utilities, and Treatment Plants

LLumin’s sophisticated software solutions suite helps keep cities and towns, and their critical operations, running smoothly, allowing municipalities to better serve the public and perform their services.

It’s All About the Data

Understanding, learning, and using data is increasingly of interest for public entities that are looking for ways to react faster to the needs of the populace. Municipalities need asset management and risk mitigation.

We all want clean drinking water, hazardous materials accounted for, and public works infrastructure with properly maintained equipment. This requires responsible stewardship and the wisdom of generations past.

At LLumin, we understand the enormous challenges of running a city or town, and we also understand the consequences of resource mismanagement. Our software provides municipalities with functionality to leverage their existing expertise, but also the tools to automate tasks that lead to lean and proactive maintenance and corrective action. We enable your machines and assets to work harder and your people to work smarter!

The result: LLumin software boosts productivity, enhances safety, and helps cities increase compliance and reduce risk.

Overcoming Challenges

Municipalities face many problems meeting the needs of the populace. It is often difficult knowing what assets exist, the quantity of these assets, and their location. Visibility into the state of all assets and vital infrastructure is also hampered.

Typical approaches to gain knowledge about and collect data on key attributes of these assets are often multiple, disparate systems that make it hard to get an end-to-end view of operations. This impacts all departments including public works, traffic , and water/utilities.

For example, a city’s department of water and sewage must find and clean catch basins every year. But it can be hard to locate these items across the city. Compounding the challenge is that a city’s physically built environment is changing almost on a daily basis and the staff responsible for maintaining the systems changes over time as well.

LLumin’s CMMS software track assets and materials, enable maintenance workflows, and help municipalities optimize resources. Benefits of using LLumin software include:

  • Information about assets is up to date and instantly available
  • Different operations (utilities, public works, etc.) get a system-wide view of assets and their status
  • Enables compliance and pro-active maintenance
  • Reduces downtime, helps cities better plan maintenance, allows for more efficient use of resources
  • Allows city operations to be more transparent and engaging with the public

Works Well with Others

Municipalities make use of many systems to deliver services. These systems do not need to be replaced. LLumin software helps you get continued value out of your investments. It achieves this and helps city works do their job more efficiently due to features including:

  • Integration with existing systems (SCADA, ERSI ArcGIS)
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Customizable and easy to use
  • Inter-operates with business systems
  • Enables condition-based maintenance management

Does your city have an aging infrastructure, poorly-maintained equipment, and dangerously-neglected assets? LLumin’s decades of expertise can transform a seemingly-hopeless situation into the kind of place you would want to raise your kids. Request a free demonstration today!