Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Hours on the Rise, Despite Technology

  Many audit teams are neglecting to implement new technologies that could reduce the time needed for SOX audit requirements.

FDA System Called “Antiquated”

E. coli in produce causes 48% of food-borne illnesses linked to the bacteria. FDA wants to digitize records to trace sources of outbreaks but has no timeline.

Minimize Downtime and Reduce Inventory Cost by Optimizing Spare Part Availability

The lack of a spare part for one of the machines in your plant can lead to downtime. If a critical part is not in stock, the plant runs the risk of extended downtime from equipment failure. However, inventory is expensive. If a company is overstocked and has too many spare parts, it is overpaying for storage, and the parts may become obsolete as manufacturers update their lines. How do you find the right balance? With legacy equipment, a preventive maintenance approach could help provide that equilibrium between having too many parts sitting in stock rooms and not having a...