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Easy to Deploy and Use CMMS and Materials Management Software

LLumin provides enterprise asset management and Materials Management software that improves productivity and enhances safety and compliance for manufacturers, municipalities and higher ed institutions. The company’s READYAsset CMMS and READYTrak MMS suites are powerful, feature-rich software solutions, that are built for flexibility, ease-of-use, and the ability to scale from simple field or single plant level asset inspection and maintenance needs to global enterprise wide deployment.

Our CMMS and Materials Management software products are built on a foundation of interoperability, including:

  • Connectivity with applications and systems that range from the motor to the general ledger
  • Connectivity for machine and plant-wide controls to ERP software and other manufacturing and financial systems
  • Integration with various systems like GIS, GPS, and Google

LLumin’s software provides the flexibility to start anywhere in the Asset or Materials Management process and add on as you choose, all while maintaining flexible workflows and giving you predictive data using our native real-time analytics.   


Streamline processes, maximize asset value, enhance plant efficiency, productivity and uptime.

Higher Education

Improve asset tracking, compliance and reporting, and predictive maintenance.


Facilitate accountability and efficiency in hazardous materials purchasing, management, safety and compliance.

Enterprise Asset & Maintenance Management

LLumin’s READYAsset CMMS provides all the functionality manufacturing engineers, plant managers and operations directors rely on to efficiently manage their facilities, including:

  • Asset Facility View
  • Asset Capital Planning and Risk Assessment
  • Notification and Approval Workflow
  • ESRI GIS Interface
  • Financial and Control Systems Integration
  • Data Collections
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Materials Management Software

LLumin’s READYTrak improves materials tracking, purchasing, use and disposal, with specialized, comprehensive functionality for:

  • Sophisticated ToolRoom, Crib, Stockroom or Warehouse Management
  • Chemical and Hazardous Materials Tracking
  • Integration to leading ERP/Financial Systems
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Notification and Approval Workflow