Slash unplanned downtime

Cut unplanned workloads by as much as 44% within 12 months of deployment.

Finish repairs faster

Facilities report cutting mean time to repair (MTTR) by nearly 26%.

Risk, managed

Identify and prioritize critical machines – reducing downtime.

Know the status of every machine in your care

facility workers talking

“I don’t know” isn’t acceptable when your production line goes down. You need to know why. LLumin gives you the real-time status of every machine in your plant — and lets you control the outcomes. Guesswork? Those days are over.

facility workers talking

Engineer certainty into your maintenance program

LLumin dashboard manager

While CMMS vendors spend tons of effort and time acting like they get it, LLumin built a product that real maintenance folks actually find useful. Our team of IoT professionals understands industrial plants — and we know any old CMMS, no matter how “cute” or “fun” it looks, just won’t do.

LLumin dashboard manager

Compliance-ready by design

workers using laptop in facility

Build compliance into your everyday processes with LLumin. Safety protocols are met and monitored — plus you’ll get automatic notifications if something goes awry. And when an auditor calls, your archive of past maintenance work, purchases, notifications and their approvals are just a few easy clicks away.

workers using laptop in facility

Delegate from anywhere

HMI device

Assign work directly from a human-machine interface (HMI), tablet or mobile device — seamlessly exchanging data between technicians, operators and managers.

HMI device

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What our customers have to say

  • “If we didn’t have LLumin, it would be very hard to track, prioritize and actually complete maintenance work. Literally, you would not be able to function without a system like this.”

    — Simon McGowan, mechanical reliability engineer at Mataura Valley Milk

  • “I can’t tell you how many times an issue has come up and we’re like, ‘Hey, we’ve done this before. Go look in LLumin to see what we did last time.’ Instead of spending six hours trying to figure out what we did last time, it takes an hour to dig up something from the system and use it again.”

    — Keith Conover, value stream leader at Harvest Hill Beverage Company

  • “The thing with LLumin is, we almost take it for granted. It just sits in the background chugging away, doing all the good stuff, keeping the work history, which auditors love to see.”

    — Ian Laing, maintenance and services manager at Oceania Dairy

Make certainty your plant’s competitive advantage

When your reputation and workforce are on the line, you can’t afford machine failures. LLumin gives you the real-time vitals to identify problems throughout your plant — and never get caught off-guard again.