CMMS Implementation Process & Deployment for Manufacturers

CMMS Implementation Process & Deployment for Manufacturers

Simplified Rapid Deployment

Deploying enterprise-level software can often result in costly and time-consuming delays. The LLumin Honed Implementation Process (HIP) will ensure you are up and running efficiently and quickly.

Every implementation gets a dedicated project manager who follows a proven, honed-over-the-years process that avoids problems and saves time. You are not in this alone.

The LLumin Honed Implementation Process

LLumin’s HIP is based on best practices developed from working with our clients. The five steps that ensure implementation is completed smoothly and quickly are:

  1. Kickoff and planning
  2. Business requirements evaluation/determination
  3. Testing and refinement
  4. Training and deployment
  5. Support

Key Benefits of Using the LLumin Honed Implementation Process

The LLumin Honed Implementation is a revolutionary process in which we take you through the steps to become familiar with our software. We are here to consult, communicate and collaborate to provide 100% familiarity with the software through each step. This process allows us to deliver a customized application to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our methods simplify the chaos of an implementation process, leading to a hassle-free, low-drama implementation. As we work with you through the process, we prepare your staff so they can run the solutions optimally from the start.

Finally, our five-step implementation process lets your organization realize the benefits of LLumin Operations Software Solutions more quickly.

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