CMMS Software for Ethanol Plants

LLumin is the best all-around solution with powerful mobile functionality for managing critical assets, maintaining spare parts and material inventories, and tracking Sarbanes-Oxley, food safety, and OSHA compliance.

Engineer better maintenance outcomes

Slash unplanned downtime

Decrease unplanned workloads by as much as 42% within 12-months.

Cut costs 

 Reduce maintenance costs by 40% moving from reactive to proactive.

Reduce repair times

Regain control and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) scores by nearly 20%.

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What our customers have to say ...

“LLumin helped take us from only breakdown repair, to preventative and predictive maintenance work in a just a few months.”

Clear and accurate financial control

Eliminate manual entry and potential errors on requisitions and financials.

We ensure your data is transparent and accurate between your maintenance and financial systems. LLumin seamlessly integrates with any existing financial system including Microsoft Dynamics to help you save time and money, and make reconciling vouchers fast and easy.


The maintenance software that gets smarter over time

LLumin alerts you of spikes in trends based on the real-time condition of your machines (should anything out of the ordinary pop up).

And your LLumin gets smarter the longer you use it!

Using historical data and context, LLumin will proactively predict and flag downtime-causing issues — before they result in a minute of unplanned downtime.

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Organized and efficient people, parts and processes

Save costs and maximize labor resources through better shut-down operations planning and scheduling.

Meet production timelines and regulatory compliance with real-time event-driven notifications and automated workflows to line up resources, parts, and materials ahead of planned shutdowns.

With LLumin, workflows direct staff on milestones and tasks to complete when, in what order, with what parts they’ll need, and who needs to approve for stress-free maintenance management.

Empowered technicians are productive technicians

LLumin software on phone

Powerful mobile app that keeps staff organized and productive. LLumin’s app enables maintenance teams to continuously monitor and trend equipment data and move toward a predictive maintenance strategy.

From any smartphone or tablet, technician’s can update work orders, get asset info, and manage day-today maintenance and PM tasks. And, with role-based dashboards everyone on your team can access work instructions, task lists, notes, and more from any mobile device.


LLumin software on phone

Have the right parts at right time, for the right price

Gain full control and complete visibility on low stock items and rotable spares. With LLumin’s advanced inventory management and tracking capabilities you’ll now have full confidence in the accuracy and valuation of on-hand inventory.

Save time and budget by associating spare parts with assets and work orders, and optimize inventory counts with automatic reorder. Well-done inventory tracking and management means you have the right part when you need it, and for the best-price.

Never being penalized again for on-hand inventory is inventory management done right.

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