Utilizing the best computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software is essential for operations to run at peak efficiency while benefiting the bottom line. Benefits of CMMS software include organization wide visibility of infrastructure and asset health, increased interdepartmental communications, maximizing supply chain logistics, and immediate alerts for machine maintenance. Beyond improved supply chain and production effectiveness, CMMS software can also free up time for employees to focus on more critical objectives by automating reports, work orders, and delivery notifications. For these reasons, many businesses have turned to LLumin’s best-in-class CMMS+ software.

Implementing CMMS+ Software: What to Expect

LLumin lets you track every machine or other asset infrastructure across plants and locations. You’ll see who’s working on them and their real-time status.

Facility View provides a location focused view of your entire plant floor asset structure, giving your team immediate visibility to your most critical assets and any that need attention. Whether they’re on-site or on the other side of the country—LLumin CMMS+ shows it all.

This is vital for directing maintenance techs and teams to problem machines in a timely manner. And because LLumin also gives you visibility to all available resources, including those in other plants, sites, and geographies, you can cross-reference suppliers, parts, tooling, expertise, and best practices.

Everything LLumin controls can be assigned business specific terminology and attributes. Plus, every LLumin CMMS+ master record can have documents or links to documents attached to it. We do this for parts records, tooling, vendors, repair procedures, calibration procedures, PM schedules, and requisitions of any kind. Attaching images to any machine or asset you manage makes it easier for personnel to understand necessary operations or maintenance guidelines.

Color-coded labels and flags allow you to quickly identify problems within your operation and prioritize based on severity.

LLumin facility view
LLumin's Facility View uses color-coded labels for asset status.

LLumin’s Cutting-Edge CMMS+ Software and Your Company

LLumin's CMMS+ software provides superior benefits that utilize a rule-based engine that incorporates data from operations, personnel, and machines. By implementing LLumin's cloud-based CMMS+ software, benefits will include:

  • Fully integrated operations: LLumin’s CMMS+ software integrates asset management processes with manufacturing systems, personnel, and supply chain partners. This integration streamlines maintenance and asset management tasks and optimizes production operations, resulting in happy customers and lower costs.
  • Optimized machine uptime: By enabling data exchange between maintenance operations and production operations, machine uptime can be significantly increased while optimizing maintenance efforts. LLumin’s CMMS+ software can also monitor real-time machine health data and create alerts to repair machines before bigger issues occur. 
  • Advanced personnel management: LLumin’s CMMS+ software can help manage maintenance and engineering personnel by recording the time taken to complete tasks and providing reporting and analytics that streamline future labor scheduling.
  •  Automated report generation: The size and scope of many industries require reports on data from machine operations, maintenance work orders, and supply chain vendors and contractors. These reports can be automated, scheduled, and either displayed upon login or shared via email notifications, reducing the risk of communication breakdown while also reducing the need for manual tasks, follow-up, and admin.
  • Adaptability: LLumin’s rule-based software is adaptable. Rules can be established to a company’s specific needs, and the outcome of these rules can be automated. These rules can be further changed based on developing business needs.




Make certainty your plant’s competitive advantage

Make certainty your plant’s competitive advantage

When your reputation and workforce are on the line, you can’t afford machine failures. LLumin gives you the real-time vitals to identify problems throughout your plant — and never get caught off-guard again.