How to minimize machine, production and operations downtime

How to Minimize Downtime

Asset Performance Management combined with proactive and predictive maintenance is the new standard for reducing cost, risk, and lost production in plants and facilities due to unplanned downtime.

The Downside of Downtime

Downtime in a plant or facility leads to lost productivity. It disrupts operations, causes maintenance staff to divert their time from scheduled projects, and can have significant negative business implications, including lost revenues, client dissatisfaction and damage to a company’s reputation.

Enhancing the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Rather than reacting when something fails, READYAsset enables proactive maintenance that goes beyond traditional preventive maintenance. It monitors machines in real-time with AI-based analytics, leveraged by a rules based expert system, which triggers automatic and proper corrective action, in order to mitigate pending failures. When condition based rules have been met or identified, READYAsset automatically triggers the best preventative actions and alerts staff so they can replace/repair the asset with minimal disruptions to operations.

Downtime is prevented, and operations success is achieved, driven by key attributes of READYAsset that:

  • Enable workflows to ensure appropriate actions are taken to prevent downtime, along with proper personnel being notified
  • Track every user-definable attribute of every asset throughout its life-cycle
  • Provides a higher-level view of all assets including information about where every asset is located and the real-time status of all equipment in plants and facilities
  • Generates notifications and reporting that provide insight into what’s happening to every asset, at any given time.
  • Is easy to use and can be accessed via the web or any mobile device.

READYAsset offers the openness that allows asset information, status, and cost of ownership to be easily shared and used by existing enterprise applications such as those for finance, risk management, SCADA, GIS and more.

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Learn how to minimize downtime and implement proactive maintenance.