LLumin is the first computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that uses machine-level data to alert plant and operations managers of abnormalities — and how to resolve them. Our cloud-based software gives you full visibility over every asset in your facility, and every key parameter of each asset, to nip problems at their source and eliminate unplanned downtime.

LLumin has an intuitive, rules-based engine that works seamlessly out of the box to trigger preemptive maintenance. LLumin was designed for business and operations personnel. You can create any rule your operations need to give your team control over downtime and dramatically improve performance.

Rules like:

  • If machine temperature rises 25% (or even 1%) above average, then a tech is notified that they should inspect it.
  • If that tech doesn’t inspect the machine within a specified amount of time (say 4 hours), then their superior is notified.
  • If a spare is consumed as part of a work order, a purchase order for its replacement is automatically submitted.
  • And anything else your organization needs.

With LLumin, you’ll eliminate guesswork, make smarter decisions and stay on top of your production schedule — all without lifting a pen or shuffling papers.

What you can expect

LLumin lets you track every machine asset across plants and locations. You’ll see who’s working on them, when and their real-time status.

Facility View provides visibility into your most critical assets — whether they’re on-site or on the other side of the country. LLumin shows it all.

This is vital for directing maintenance techs and operators to problem machines in a timely manner. And because LLumin displays resources in other geographies, you can cross-reference suppliers, parts, tooling, expertise and even best practices.

Everything LLumin controls can be assigned business terminology, pictures and attributes. We do this for parts management, calibration procedures, PM schedules and even requisitions. By attaching images to any machine or asset that you manage, it’s easier for personnel to understand necessary operations or maintenance guidelines.

Color-coded labels and flags allow you to quickly identify problems within your operation and prioritize based on severity.

LLumin facility view
LLumin’s Facility View uses color-coded labels for asset status.

Machine monitoring

LLumin integrates directly with each machine in your operation, monitoring temperature, pressure, vibrations and many other types of data.

And you can set up triggers for any fluctuation — no matter how small — that indicate the machine’s vitals are starting to trend in the wrong direction.

If the internal temperature in one of your boilers start surging, LLumin automatically notifies your techs to inspect it. And if a predetermined amount of time passes without repair — say, two hours — LLumin automatically escalates the issue, notifying the tech’s supervisor or another suggested contact.

As LLumin is collecting this machine-level data, you can easily set up any rule from your dashboard in seconds. It’s a tool built for operations personnel, not the IT dept, and doesn’t require calling for help (although we’re always on standby to answer questions).

What does this mean for you?

It means that at any given moment, a machine could malfunction and LLumin will automatically trigger all the remedial work necessary to fix it.

Watch this video to see how our condition-based monitoring feature works:

Avoid unplanned downtime — and get the most out of your planned downtime

LLumin gives you a heads up on all the resources you’ll need to complete repairs.

When a critical machine approaches maintenance, you’ll know exactly which tools you’ll need, which spare parts need to be ordered and if the work requires expertise from an outside party.

If parts need to be ordered, purchases can be made directly in your application from an array of local OEMs, suppliers and contractors — centralizing your invoices in the process.

If there is a problem…

LLumin eliminates the potential human error that comes with filling out documents by hand.

Operators can submit work requests from their mobile devices or human-machine interface (HMI), without stepping away from the machine. Requests, follow-ups and associated remediation are automatically logged for future reference and audit considerations.

You can also upload documentation or training materials for any machine. That means less time rifling through handheld manuals, more time dealing with the task.

This eliminates unplanned downtime and maximizes the productivity of regularly scheduled shutdowns. Get critical work done faster so your business can return to work.

LLumin operator role-based dashboard
LLumin operator role-based dashboard.

Role-based dashboards that clearly lay out priorities

The look of your interface will vary based on your role and what you need to keep close track of.

When you log in at the beginning of the day, you’ll see what actions you need to complete in order of importance.

In layman’s terms, you’ll see an interactive agenda neatly laid out in front of you.

For technicians and mechanics, this agenda helps them quickly answer questions like, “Which machines should I fix and when?” and “What resources do I need to complete my work?”

On the other hand, for executives and supervisors, this docket might heavily focus on managing resources, people and KPIs. They can quickly assess which work orders are overdue, which ones are at risk of becoming overdue and whether they need to hire more technicians.

But all LLumin users will gain a sense of priority.

If 100 hours of work needs to be done in five days between three shifts, the application tells you what work needs to be completed first and what can be left for last.

Built around your processes, not the other way around

Our team of CMMS implementers will help you:

Do away with paper.

LLumin accommodates paperless approvals and signoffs. It also automates and submits work orders for spares as parts are consumed.

Visualize real-time assets.

Facility View maps every machine in your business, and you can check current vitals on command.

Cut unplanned downtime.

Any critical change in machine vitals will trigger the necessary maintenance activities without requiring you to lift a finger.

Reliably predict … anything.

Cost and risk of failure of each machine across your operation. Workload increases that would justify a new hire. Whether your team will meet their performance benchmarks this month.

Meet your performance benchmarks, full stop.

And all without forcing your team to change the way they do things. Basically, LLumin will give you control over the things you’re already responsible for controlling.

One of our customers said it best:

“The thing with LLumin is, we almost take it for granted. It just sits in the background chugging away, doing all the good stuff, keeping the work history, which auditors love to see.”

Man using LLumin CMMS on a tablet

Get help every step of the way for worry-free implementation

Though LLumin is praised for its ease of use, it is powerful and extremely flexible, so you’ll need a guide at first.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will work with you to insert all your data and train you to fully hone your entire maintenance cycle.

Our five-step implementation process will guide you from kick-off to go-live and ensure that all success criteria have been met and you are maximizing your investment. Together, we’ll configure LLumin in a way that best serves you.

And even after mastery, you’ll always have a support team by your side — it’s the LLumin promise.

You can expect training videos and expert consultative specialists to guide you through:

Kickoff and planning

After seeing how your organization works, we’ll build from there. Our goal is to minimize disruption while introducing you to a new frontier of maintenance management.

Business requirements evaluation/determination

Let’s lay out your goals.

Testing and refinement

Once initial features are established, we can customize settings for the peculiarities of your company.

Training and deployment

Onboarding everyone who will use LLumin and allowing it to begin chugging away in the background for easier days ahead.


This is a constant. We’ll become experts on your operation. Contact us for anything, any time.

Know the cost and risk of failure of all machines under your watch

The Risk Assessment Module carefully monitors the age and depreciation of all your assets, giving you real-time projections of the failure risk for each machine on your production line. It overlays information about how important each machine is to your business to help you prioritize maintenance activities. And it recommends which assets you should replace and what that means in capital expenditures.

Let’s say you have two machines: Machine A and Machine B. Both are about to go down, but Machine A is more critical to your operations. LLumin automatically processes that information to prioritize maintenance activities for Machine A over maintenance activities for Machine B.

Play this scenario out across hundreds of machines and dozens of work cells, and you understand the power of LLumin’s Risk Assessment Module.

Compliance-ready in just a few clicks

No longer panic when auditors call.

The safety of your company depends on proactive maintenance to spot trends that might lead to system failures. Your work orders fall into one easy-to-view location, ensuring on-time completion and compliance with health and safety regulations.

For one customer, having a central repository of maintenance orders at the click of a button made all the difference in proving that their “critical instruments were reading as they should, and that they stuck within the guidelines of all the requirements that they were expected to meet.”

Simply put, auditors love LLumin.

How does LLumin help OEMs?

When you procure OEM products through LLumin, you’ll be able to track warranties and expirations, too. This makes parts requests and machine replacements effortless — all in real-time.

LLumin integrates with any ERP

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

One of LLumin’s strengths is its ability to integrate with and complement other business and financial systems applications.

We offer connectors to many leading ERP systems as well as a rich API for quickly integrating with systems of your choice.

You don’t have to change a thing on our behalf. LLumin is compatible and rather than transforming your company’s DNA, we simply join the flow.

LLumin companies realize ROI faster

Facility managers who choose the LLumin suite as their CMMS solution report slashes in mean time to repair (MTTR) by nearly 20% within months of going live.

Others reduced their unplanned workloads by as much as 42% within the year of their subscription.

They’ve regained control over uncertainties. Looming malfunctions become easy to handle and problems are met at their origin. You’ll know which spares you have and which ones you need to order.

When problems arise, you’ll be able to look in LLumin for the best solutions.

Achieve operations excellence

Leave downtime in the rearview.

Never be caught off guard again. At any moment, you’ll be a minute from knowing the information you need to make fact-based decisions.

Schedule your free demo to see how your machine data can optimize your maintenance process today.

Make certainty your plant’s competitive advantage

Make certainty your plant’s competitive advantage

When your reputation and workforce are on the line, you can’t afford machine failures. LLumin gives you the real-time vitals to identify problems throughout your plant — and never get caught off-guard again.