Case Study – Decade-long Partnership Enables Juicemaker to Extend Manufacturing Asset Lifetimes at Five Plant

Read the Case Study “SunnyD Uses LLumin to Keep
Manufacturing Lines Humming, while Handling Safety and Regulatory Compliance”

SunnyD, like all food and beverage manufacturers, faces day-to-day challenges in keepingproduction lines running, reducing interruptions, and ensuring the safety of its employeesmaintaining the equipment in its plants. For nearly a decade, they have relied on LLumin as a trusted partner that provides both technology and industry expertise.

Read the case study to see how LLumin’s Operation Software solves issues like:

  • How to carry out a proactive maintenance strategy to reduce downtime
  • How to optimize parts and tool inventory to cut costs and prevent downtime
  • How to ensure compliance with OSHA and Food Safety Modernization Act regulations.

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LLumin Sunny D Case Study cover