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Standalone operations can add value to their existing maintenance tools for a competitive edge.


  • Asset management
  • Maintenance work management
  • Notification alerts
  • Mobile workforce
  • Powerful data collection
  • Stockroom management
  • Purchase order management
  • Facility view


$ 80960 / mo
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Automate maintenance and engineer uptime at more than one facility.

Includes professional plan features plus:

  • Active directory integration
  • Condition monitoring
  • GIS system interface
  • Fleet and vehicle systems interface
  • HR management
  • Business system integration
  • Powerful notification workflow



$ 1101320 / mo
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Large enterprise-level firms can consolidate all operations under one complete maintenance solution.

Includes premium plan features plus:

  • Risk management tools
  • OEE utilities
  • Single sign-on
  • SAP / Oracle ERP integration
  • Project tracking

And that’s just the surface of what LLumin has to offer.
For corporate licensing agreements, please contact sales.

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What our customers have to say

  • “If we didn’t have LLumin, it would be very hard to track, prioritize and actually complete maintenance work. Literally, you would not be able to function without a system like this.”

    — Simon McGowan, mechanical reliability engineer at Mataura Valley Milk

  • “I can’t tell you how many times an issue has come up and we’re like, ‘Hey, we’ve done this before. Go look in LLumin to see what we did last time.’ Instead of spending six hours trying to figure out what we did last time, it takes an hour to dig up something from the system and use it again.”

    — Keith Conover, value stream leader at Harvest Hill Beverage Company

  • “The thing with LLumin is, we almost take it for granted. It just sits in the background chugging away, doing all the good stuff, keeping the work history, which auditors love to see.”

    — Ian Laing, maintenance and services manager at Oceania Dairy

Compare plan features

Professional Premium Enterprise
Asset management
Work management
Data collection
Mobile workforce
Operator UI
OEE utility
Facility view
Risk management
Professional Premium Enterprise
Inventory & stockroom management
Purchase management
Advanced inventory control
Hazardous materials tracking
Professional Premium Enterprise
Telematics interface
Condition monitoring
GIS interface
Business system integration
eCommerce interface
SAP / Oracle ERP Integration
Professional Premium Enterprise
Approval & notification workflow
HR management
Customer billing
Requisition & incident entry
Project tracking
Professional Premium Enterprise
Application configurator
Data export/import utility
Email & push notifications
Forms & document management
Self-serve dashboards
Self-serve reporting & charting
Transaction & activity log
Active directory integration
Multi-site support
Single sign-on
Multi-lingual enabled
Professional Premium Enterprise
Unlimited Updates & Upgrades
Dedicated customer success mgmt
Unlimited access to support portal
Unlimited email & phone support
Customer on-premise install option
FDA software validation
SandBox Instance

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