Reduces Downtime

By focusing on minimizing machine downtime, LLumin’s READYAsset software transforms the way organizations manage maintenance operations and achieve higher operations output.   LLumin software greatly improves how leadership manages their staff, how teams communicate inter-departmentally and how information flows between systems.

Traditional and legacy approaches often result in less than ideal visibility making it difficult to accurately know when a machine may fail.  Even then, if a failure or impending degradation is imminent, lack of readiness often means that only few individuals know what actions to take and with what resources.  

LLumin’s premiere, READYAsset software minimizes machine, production and operations downtime by integrating with control systems and IOT-enabled assets to monitor each machine’s specific state in real-time. When conditions or other rules predicting a potential fault are recognized , a special set of actions and sequences created by your smartest employees automatically trigger the best response at just the right time. In addition, by triggering corrective action based on the conditions of a specific machine rather than on merely date-based estimates, READYAsset saves money by not taking corrective action too soon or too late.

Increases Productivity While Minimizing its Own Costs

By using our expert system approach and allowing customers to stage well engineered responses and actions for each type of rule or condition, READYAsset ensures that this powerful knowledge is instantly available, 24×7, worldwide. Further, READYAsset ensures the knowledge is maintained, easily updated and can be shared with the entire staff, thereby improving everyone’s productivity.

READYAsset also can be used to reduce the time to document and thereby ensure compliance with worker safety regulations such as those mandated by OSHA. For example, information gathered about specific asset attributes, the work done on the assets, and the procedures used to LockOut the asset at the proper time,  can provide evidence of actions that were in accordance to the manufacturer’s safety specifications.

READYAsset can be the operations platform for all of your enterprise’s divisions, plants or facilities because it is highly flexible and can adapt to a wide-range of situations. You are not restricted to the notion of one type of asset. Within READYAsset, you literally can configure infinite asset types. No matter the physical entity being managed, that item can be described and tracked within READYAsset using the exact attributes and characteristics of that entity. 

Creating Automatic Notification and Action Workflows based on Machine Conditions and Parameters

The LLumin User Interface (UI) is completely configurable and can be customized to match the needs of users based on their role or department. You can employ company terminology and intuitive symbols, which enables fast reaction time, leaves less room for human error and reduces training costs.

Our mobile and barcode-enabled applications provide our customers with a solution that controls every element of plant maintenance – materials and tools availability, capacity planning, labor tracking and reporting. Our solution is powerful enough to give our customers options for seasonal/calendar-based recurring maintenance as well as utilization-based preventive maintenance or combinations of both. 

READYAsset is HTML5-based, IoT-enabled software that does an amazing job at tracking  maintenance alerts, requests, workforce planning, labor scheduling and materials requirements.  

As a full featured Operations Software suite, our solutions improve the effectiveness of your workforce, handle logistics, compliance and vendor service levels.    READYAsset eliminates the problems that diminish productivity by offering a solution that’s easy to implement and use. Best of all, READYAsset is highly flexible, with a customized dashboard that mimics your employees’ workflow. The result is an effective productivity tool that requires minimal training and helps your organization achieve higher asset ROI, at a lower cost.

 “The connection between READYAsset and our DCS allows Advanced BioEnergy to automate the creation of preventive maintenance work orders based on actual equipment utilization points. This is critical. Only then can we know exactly when each piece of equipment needs servicing so we can avoid system shut down times as much as possible.”

Maintenance Manager, Advanced BioEnergy

What Our Customers Love about READYAsset Maintenance Management

Asset Tracking & Management

  • Tracks initial asset cost, current value, depreciation, capital improvements and retirement value
  • Tracks cradle-to-grave asset usage and ownership history, including who, what and when
  • Tracks asset attributes, finishes, technical features and operational procedures
  • Flexible hierarchical asset tracking – tracking assets within assets, and components within assets
  • Field-based data collection for assets using mobile technology
  • 100% configurable asset characterization

Preventive Maintenance

  • Date/utilization-based recurring maintenance/calibration triggers
  • Preventive maintenance exception rules based on workforce and operations schedules
  • Multi-level notification functionality
  • Work routing options based on location, skill, asset type or other attributes.
  • HMI/SCADA interface for utilization-based preventive maintenance and alarm-based work order triggers

Predictive Maintenance

  • Use historical mean-time failure data to predict future failures and send alerts for proactive maintenance
  • Use condition-based data to spot trends and analyze potential failure points
  • Incorporate SCADA tags, operator-based data collection or any PLC control system tags to automatically generate work workers

Total Productive Maintenance

  • Provide early warning for required maintenance issues on a daily or shift-basis using machine maintenance checklists 
  • Provide higher level of plant visibility in real-time 
  • Use defined parameters or create your own daily machine maintenance procedures
  • Validate entered data with bar scan or QR code

Maintenance Management

  • Labor allocation (work priority) and scheduling
  • Labor resource (time) tracking
  • Replacement parts allocation and tracking
  • Work order request and inquiry intranet (via web enabled PC or mobile device)
  • Repair procedure maintenance library
  • Asset status and downtime tracking
  • Work order capacity planning and labor visibility
  • Parts demand visibility
  • Managing work order life cycle

Real-Time Reporting and Analysis

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Role-based statistics
  • Auto-generated reports
  • Ad hoc reports creation


Key CMMS Modules for Lean Production

The READYAsset product suite also can be supplemented with many additional functional add-on modules. While not essential to READYAsset’s core purpose, these modules offer additional benefits that many customers find highly useful.

LLumin’s READYAsset can transform the way you do business. Let our team show you what is possible with modern technology. Contact us to learn more or request a demo today!