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Know Everything Before it Happens

Our Enterprise Asset Management Software is the closest thing you’ll have to a crystal ball.

Whether you operate an industrial plant, a municipal wastewater plant or university campus or university lab, the worst part of your job is not knowing what will fail and when.

READYAsset Maintenance Management eliminates unplanned and unnecessary downtime with an integrated asset and maintenance management software solution that automates and simplifies managing key organizational assets throughout their lifecycle.  Users can track and report on every attribute of their asset hierarchy.  Our mobile and web-enabled CMMS software offer unparalleled flexibility, letting users decide what those asset attributes should be, based on their specific organizational goals.

This HTML 5-based, IIoT-enabled asset maintenance software manages maintenance alerts, requests, workforce planning, labor scheduling, and materials requirements. Designed to improve the effectiveness of your workforce, READYAsset CMMS eliminates the problems that diminish productivity by offering an asset maintenance management solution that’s easy to implement and use.  Best of all, this CMMS system is highly flexible, with a customized dashboard that mimics your employees’ workflow.  The result is an effective productivity tool that requires minimal training and helps your organization achieve higher asset ROI at a lower cost.

What Our Customers Love about READYAsset Maintenance Management

Asset Tracking & Management

  • Tracks initial asset cost, current value, depreciation, capital improvements, retirement value
  • Tracks cradle-to-grave asset usage and ownership history, including who, what, when
  • Tracks asset attributes, finishes, technical features, and operational procedures
  • Flexible hierarchical asset tracking – tracking assets within assets, and components within assets
  • Field-based data collection for assets using mobile technology
  • Asset Classification

Preventive Maintenance

  • Flexible date/calendar-based preventive maintenance triggers
  • Preventive maintenance exception rules based on calendar/seasonality
  • Multi-level notification functionality
  • Component level vs. asset level preventive maintenance triggers
  • HMI/SCADA interface for utilization-based preventive maintenance and alarm-based work order triggers

Predictive Maintenance

  • Use historical mean-time failure data to predict future failures and send alerts for proactive maintenance
  • Use condition-based data to trend and analyze potential failure points
  • Incorporates SCADA tags and/or operator-based data collection or any PLC control system tags to automatically generate work workers
  • Flexible rule-setting for triggering maintenance orders

Total Productive Maintenance

  • Machine maintenance checklist conducted daily or with every shift to provide early warning for required maintenance issues
  • Provides higher level of plant visibility in real-time
  • Use defined parameters or create your own daily machine maintenance procedures
  • Validate entered data with bar scan or QR code

Maintenance Management

  • Labor allocation (work priority) and scheduling
  • Labor resource (time) tracking
  • Replacement parts allocation and tracking
  • Cost allocation and chargeback
  • Work order request and inquiry intranet (via web enabled PC or mobile device)
  • Repair procedure maintenance library
  • Asset downtime tracking
  • Work order capacity planning and labor demand visibility
  • Parts demand visibility
  • Managing work order lifecycle

Real-Time reporting and Analysis

  • Asset value, usage, and repair reporting
  • Asset productivity
  • Work Order schedule
  • Labor Productivity
  • Work Order maintenance history
  • Auto generated reports
  • Ad hoc reports creation

Ready to see how READYAsset can improve your operations?