Facility Management Software For Higher Education

Facility Management Software For Higher Education

Software modules for campus-wide asset management, materials management, and hazardous material tracking.

LLumin software solutions for higher education simplify the view of all assets allowing for better utilization and improved maintenance management. And they help Facilities Managers meet material handling regulations and enforce compliance with OSHA, EPA, and FDA rules.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Facilities management has a significant impact on the success of a higher education institution. Unfortunately, universities and colleges have historically relied on manual systems for asset management and tracking materials. Many people with expertise in these processes are either taking other jobs or retiring.

Compared to their industrial counterparts, facilities managers in higher ed also face additional issues concerning EHS and inventory management. These issues include:

  • Assets and materials are geographically dispersed
  • Maintenance and material handling expertise may vary greatly from location to location and department to department
  • Different groups or departments may take different approaches to enforcement (while the institution is still responsible for everything).

LLumin asset and materials management solutions help on all accounts.

LLumin CMMS+ accurately tracks and manages tools, materials, and equipment. It captures expert knowledge and models it for all employees to help retain years of cumulative expertise.

CMMS+ provides a platform to accurately track, manage and reorder inventory, stockrooms, and warehouses. It accurately tracks and manages inventory, tools, and equipment, including hazardous materials and materials without serial numbers. It also aids in accurate financial and fiscal reporting via sophisticated eProcurement-based ordering, fulfillment, and usage tracking.

LLumin Solutions Features and Benefits

LLumin’s  CMMS+ offers features that make the solutions a good match for higher ed environments. The software is:

  • Tracks which professor or student has checked out chemicals
  • Identifies the purpose or project and records which funding source or grant code to be assigned
  • Provides university assurance of a safety plan should a building mishap put a lab in danger

Knowing each university has its own solutions requirements, LLumin offers modules for EHS and inventory management. Key modules support recovery asset tracking, compliance, and integration with financial systems. Higher education customers like using LLumin solutions because they help:

  • Cuts cost by automating many of the manual steps typically used to track materials
  • Improve safety
  • Boosts the productivity of staff responsible for asset maintenance and materials handling compliance

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