Computerized Maintenance Management System Solutions

Computerized Maintenance Management System Solutions

LLumin understands the importance of intelligent, sophisticated operations software for the Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), asset and materials management, and environmental, health and safety markets.

Our state-of-the-art CMMS minimizes machine downtime and keeps production and operations flowing smoothly. Utilizing real-time machine monitoring and our decades of expertise, our powerful expert system and AI based solution automatically triggers the best preventative actions when issues occur.

Our plant managers and industrial engineers tell us that the “value of predictive maintenance can’t be overstated.”

  • This allows asset risk transparency and the organization to take the appropriate, cost-saving actions when, but only when necessary
  • Operations downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum
  • Workforce productivity is greatly enhanced on multiple levels

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Our comprehensive platform enables organizations to streamline their fiscal and regulatory compliance procedures. By generating the required documents exactly when they are due, the organization’s total exposure to safety and environmental risk is reduced.

LLumin’s software architecture makes deployment a breeze. The software is easily adaptable for any type of asset, infrastructure or operations environment. LLumin utilizes role-based configuration with an award-winning user interface, making learning quick and easy.

Best of all, LLumin’s seamless integration with your existing, business systems makes the transition a worry-free proposition. We offer live customer support and a multi-format library of content as we believe “no problem should ever be solved alone.”

Have you thought about trying LLumin’s time-saving, cost-reducing software? Contact us today for a free demonstration of what anxiety-free CMMS looks like in the 21st century.