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Why LLumin Why LLumin for Your
CMMS and Materials Management Software Needs?

When it comes to Enterprise Asset Management and Materials Management, LLumin knows everything.

LLumin knows that industrial engineers and plant managers need total visibility of their most critical assets to make key predictive and preventive maintenance decisions that improve machine uptime and plant productivity.

LLumin knows that machine and plant control system integration is a key factor in the successful implementation of CMMS and Materials Management Software for facilities using Rockwell, Schneider Electric, GE, Siemens, and many others.

LLumin knows that CMMS and Materials Management system flexibility, easy configuration and ease of use make installation and operation more effective, whether at a manufacturing facility, municipal plant or university.

LLumin knows that industrial plants in the food and beverage, ethanol and manufacturing industries rely on CMMS to provide lean maintenance management processes.

LLumin knows that municipalities need a great CMMS for vehicle and fleet maintenance.

LLumin knows that college and university labs need a robust Materials Management Software solution for tracking, ordering, using and discarding hazardous materials.

LLumin knows that whether you’re running a manufacturing plant, a waste water treatment facility or higher education research lab, compliance with safety and other regulations is critical, whether Sarbanes-Oxley, OSHA, EPA or FDA.

LLumin knows … everything about your critical assets, for decisions you need to make now and in the future.

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