Electronics Manufacturing Software (CMMS+)

Electronics Manufacturing Software (CMMS+)

Higher costs, supply chain disruption, and churn: today’s electronics manufacturers face unprecedented challenges in a hyper-competitive space. Consequently, manufacturers must make the best use of every opportunity they have.

It’s time for smarter solutions. A complete asset and maintenance management system will keep your manufacturing operations running at high levels, even in an unpredictable world—that’s LLumin’s CMMS+.

Factory workers assembling circuit boards on machines monitored by electronics manufacturing software.

What Is a CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps you track assets, centralize maintenance information, and automate tedious, but necessary tasks. CMMS solutions accelerate work and reduce friction across your enterprise to improve productivity and eliminate guesswork.

But not every CMMS solution is LLumin CMMS+.

Most software still requires you to enter data manually. LLumin interacts directly with next-generation technologies to produce predictive insights across your operations. LLumin’s CMMS+ will read machine data, operations data, or other essential data and suggest the best course of action to eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and improve asset lifespan.

Let’s dig deeper into how LLumin’s CMMS+ addresses the major pain points of the electronics manufacturing industry.

How Does LLumin’s CMMS+ Benefit the Electronic Manufacturing Industry?

Operating rhythm is important. From 2020 to 2022 the world experienced a global semiconductor shortage due to manufacturing disruption. Semiconductor manufacturers average 80% utilization, which fluctuates based on need. Losing your manufacturing rhythm can cause ripple effects that persist for years.

LLumin’s CMMS+ gives you better, more comprehensive, and more timely decision making—so you can manage your operations without fear.

A graphic with IOT written in the middle connecting many different assets together.Reduce Asset Downtime With Proactive Maintenance

Being proactive with machine maintenance reduces downtime. LLumin accomplishes this by seamlessly integrating with existing control systems and internet of things (IoT)-enabled assets to check their vitals in real-time. If they deviate from standard operation, a maintenance crew is alerted to generate a proactive response.

LLumin’s Risk Assessment Module helps you visualize the risk of failure of each machine in real time. The software closely monitors the age, condition, and the probability of failure of your assets and aligns that knowledge with their importance to your operation. It then automatically processes all information to help you identify those assets that truly require maintenance or replacement before it’s too late.

Increase ROI by Preserving Your Asset Capital

Asset-heavy industries are heavily impacted by maintenance efforts, and the effectiveness of maintenance efforts and strategies impact production schedules. Most electronics manufacturers have lean profits and millions of dollars invested in their equipment and inventory. A single machine replacement could strip the profits of an entire quarter.

Electronics industries must shift from reactive to proactive maintenance to preserve capital and increase ROI. The better your maintenance process, the less likely you will suffer a devastating financial blow—and the more static and reliable your costs become.

LLumin’s equipment-centric maintenance management software enables industries to effectively manage planned, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance activities from a single dashboard. The software also improves equipment availability percentages, reduces downtime, and streamlines startups, shutdowns, and changeovers.


Can’t Argue With the Numbers
LLumin’s clients have achieved a 42% reduction in unplanned downtime, a 20% improvement in MTTR, and a 40% reduction in maintenance cost within 12 months.


Moreover, LLumin integrates well with leading business and finance systems to save time on labor-intensive tasks and ensure data communications between departments is optimized. Using LLumin’s ERP Interface, maintenance managers can simultaneously order spare parts and record transactions in the corporate system without additional support.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance With a Lower Administrative Burden

Apart from simply keeping the machines up, you need to stay on top of regulatory compliance in a changing world. From logistics, to health and safety, to environmental concerns, regulatory compliance requirements can be complex. If you operate globally, these regulations can comprise a significant amount of your administrative burden.

LLumin features easy-to-view reports and dashboards to facilitate compliance at a moment’s notice. Archives of past maintenance work, purchases, notifications, and approvals help the organization pass audit scrutiny without system-wide disruption.

LLumin provides real-time event-driven notifications and automated workflows to streamline maintenance, workforce, and inventory tracking processes. Use LLumin’s CMMS+ to support your best practices and avoid audit flags with ease. LLumin’s automatic documentation of compliance processes includes:A picture of a maintenance tech using electronics manufacturing software in an electronics factory.

Counter Increased Asset Costs by Protecting the Assets You Have

In 2022, microelectronics manufacturing became 20 to 30% more expensive. Your assets will deliver the best ROI when operating over a long period. To increase your asset lifespan, though, you must schedule effective preventive and proactive maintenance.

LLumin’s CMMS+ doesn’t just help you control your preventative maintenance—it helps you anticipate many types of needed maintenance in advance. Giving you the opportunity to be more proactive. LLumin’s just-in-time maintenance features can evaluate an asset’s state with next-gen sensor and machine-learning technologies. By capturing real-time data and leveraging predetermined condition-based workflows, LLumin doesn’t just streamline your regular maintenance, we help identify potentially critical machine anomalies.

Over time, this results in an increased asset lifespan, reduced asset cost, and less disruption to operations.

Use Next-Gen Predictions To Manage Your Just-In-Time Inventory

A lack of spare parts could always cause downtime. But it’s even more difficult when there are ongoing and unpredictable supply chain issues. Just-in-time inventory management is lean and efficient, but it doesn’t leave much room for error.

LLumin’s smart inventory management system uses preventative and predictive maintenance data to strike a balance between an overstocked or under-stocked inventory. With LLumin, you’ll know exactly which parts have to be in stock based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, and you’ll be alerted of potential issues in time to order other parts.

LLumin lets you leverage historical parts usage data to track for future reference, anticipating your needs before your operations are disrupted.

LLumin’s CMMS+: The Electronics Manufacturing Software That Optimizes Your Business

Using historical data, internal models, and sensor-based tracking, LLumin’s CMMS+ becomes an omnipresent administrator throughout your electronics manufacturing operation.

LLumin will keep your maintenance on schedule and will also alert you if anything out of the ordinary arises. LLumin will proactively predict and flag machine-level anomalies to preserve your assets and avoid unplanned downtime.

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LLumin develops innovative CMMS software to manage and track assets for industrial plants, municipalities, utilities, fleets, and facilities. To get started, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or contact the experts at LLumin to see how our electronics manufacturing software can help you reach your efficiency and cost-cutting goals.

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