The Best CMMS Software for Manufacturing And Industrial Plants

best cmms software for manufacturing
A manufacturing plant worker running a machine monitored by the best CMMS software.

Deciding which computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software to use is one of the most important tasks for running a manufacturing or industrial plant. The best CMMS software for manufacturing will allow operations to run efficiently while limiting costs, and it will do this in several ways, which include:

  1. Allow for organization-wide visibility and control. 
  2. Integrate systems that will minimize inefficiencies in the supply chain, ensuring that the right supplies, labor, and resources are available exactly when needed. 
  3. Quickly alert maintenance teams when machines are running abnormally. 
  4. Automatically trigger actions and notifications when maintenance procedures and work orders are needed.
  5. Reduce equipment downtime and maximize operations uptime.

The decision to use CMMS software is an easy one. However, there are many popular CMMS software options. Today, we will discuss the most popular current CMMS software options, the characteristics of each, and why LLumin’s innovative and trusted CMMS+ software has unique offerings to meet all manufacturing and industrial plant operations needs.

The Best CMMS Software for Manufacturing: Options for Success

The choice of CMMS software is highly consequential to the overall success of manufacturing and industrial operations. Though there are many CMMS software options, the CMMS software discussed below is some of the most widely used in the manufacturing and industrial markets. These include:

Feature LLuminCMMS+ Hippo CMMS Fiix MaintainX UpKeep eMaint
Real-time asset monitoring using IoT data
Automated data collection and workflow optimization
Predictive Maintenance X X X
Pricing/ month/user $45+ $39+ $45+ $49+ $45+ $85+
Customer Reviews 4.5 4.4 4.5 4.8 4.6 4.4

LLumin’s CMMS+

Designed to cater to several industries, from medical and industrial sectors to energy and manufacturing domains, LLumin’s CMMS+ presents a comprehensive, all-encompassing maintenance management suite that places a premium on operational efficiency. LLumin capitalizes on big data obtained from machine-level sensors and IoT-enabled technologies, delivering predictive maintenance capabilities, real-time asset oversight, and seamless workflow automation.

By equipping facility managers and maintenance teams with strategic decision-making tools, LLumin facilitates optimization across operations, streamlining processes encompassing work orders, asset management, inventory, logistics, and issue resolution. LLumin is a centralized support pillar, empowering teams to take a proactive approach to maintenance management and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Hippo CMMS 

Hippo CMMS is an all-in-one solution CMMS software that automatically schedules preventive maintenance based on machine diagnostics and specifications. Work orders and manufacturing reports can also be automated, with reports regularly scheduled to be emailed to interested individuals within the company.


Fiix is a cloud-based CMMS software that utilizes a single dashboard to track assets (machines, vehicles, and inventory). It also allows teams to be connected and share machine efficiency data on the dashboard. A major benefit of Fiix is its use of an AI engine that utilizes diagnostic data to indicate if machine issues are occurring. By utilizing sensors, real-time data can also be collected and analyzed. 


MaintainX is a CMMS software solution primarily used to track the maintenance of machines and manufacturing plant quality audits (e.g., machine efficiency and safety audits). It is web-based and provides a streamlined method for completing an operation regulatory checklist. MaintainX can be used at multiple manufacturing sites and compare performance between different sites.


eMaint is a SaaS-based CMMS tool that helps track work orders and maintenance activities. Delivering its service over the Internet provides a method to connect the entire organization. It can be used for both machine issues and work management. eMaint also calculates costs associated with maintenance (as well as estimated costs) based on the costs for components and labor.


UpKeep is used for facility, property, and inventory management. Unlike other CMMS software, it is a mobile-first CMMS software that allows for additional flexibility in asset management while manufacturing occurs. Smaller companies primarily use upkeep due to the benefits and drawbacks of its unique task management system. When a team member completes a task, they take a picture of the completed work and submit it to UpKeep.

Choosing the Best CMMS Software for Manufacturing

The goal of all CMMS software is to optimize the care and management of machinery and assets. Ultimately, by doing so, all aspects of manufacturing operations become elevated and more efficient. Yet, the effectiveness can vary widely between software providers. Functionality levels vary between software solutions in all areas of CMMS features. 

For some providers, the ability to monitor and trigger actions based on detecting abnormal machine operations is a strength. For others, managing non-machine-type assets is a focus. With the right solution, visibility offered through CMMS software can be far-ranging and highly impactful, regardless of organization size. 

However, some CMMS software solutions have limited or highly specific capabilities and are unable to integrate across many machine types, asset types, infrastructure variations, and associated operations. Further, some CMMS software is not readily adaptable to the unique circumstances of specific types of operations. 

With all this in mind, it is important to find the best CMMS software for your manufacturing operation that is advanced enough to meet all current and future needs while also having the flexibility to adapt to your company’s unique circumstances at any given time. LLumin has the CMMS software that will do just that.

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LLumin’s Trusted and Innovative CMMS+ Software

LLumin’s CMMS+ software uses machine data to allow you to set rules for triggering immediate, highly accurate maintenance tasks or instructions exactly when needed. This contributes greatly to optimizing operations, optimizing production schedules, and maximizing the service life of machines. 

The cloud-based software allows for a fully integrated, enterprise-level CMMS solution that incorporates the requirements and realities of the many facets of a manufacturing operation. 

“It is my pleasure to share the experience Solmax has had working with LLumin for the past 10+ years. Solmax has been able to reduce costs of manufacturing by implementing a full CMMS option from LLumin. With an effective recurring work program, inspections and preventative work has reduced the amount of unplanned work resulting in higher productivity. With the structure of a CMMS, reporting on maintenance activity is easy while also providing an abundance of detail.

—Brandon Ansley, AMS Software & Systems Manager at Solmax 

By utilizing LLumin’s rule-based engine CMMS+ software, your company will benefit by:

  • Curbing costs through a fully integrated solution: LLumin’s CMMS+ software can fully integrate seamlessly into a company’s supply chain. The software can also integrate with MES and operations software. As such, machine operations personnel can see upcoming maintenance schedules and create work requests with two clicks. 
  • Maximize service life of machines: By integrating with operations, the CMMS software gives the maintenance team knowledge and visibility around when, from a production standpoint, timing is ideal for maintaining machinery. Or, the integrated CMMS solution will give operations personnel knowledge of when necessary maintenance is needed and coming due. Further, the CMMS software can alert operators to abnormal machine readings (e.g., high temperature). Immediate and accurate visibility and quick machine maintenance may prevent large and costly repairs or even complete machine replacement.
  • Integrates into operations: The CMMS software will alert operators to issues with machines, upcoming maintenance schedules, or impending changes in machine availability. In addition, operations personnel can communicate to the maintenance teams via work requests, updates on production status, OEE data, and results of TPM inspections. 
  • Managing labor and personnel: The CMMS software can be used to manage personnel, manage skills, and manage outside contractors. Not only does the software indicate if employees have completed a task within a specific time (e.g., inspected a machine within a time frame from which a service alert has been sent) and what the resultant data indicates, but a successful CMMS solution will provide visibility to all upcoming labor and skills requirements, along with any support and resources needed to meet work demand.
  • Adaptability: Based on the company’s specific needs, rules can be established (or changed) to prompt autonomous operating responses. For instance, a purchase order can be automatically submitted when replacing components. However, this rule can be changed due to the company’s evolving needs or supply chain adjustments.

Though there are numerous benefits to using LLumin’s CMMS+ software, implementing software often raises questions regarding ease of use and obstacles to change. However, by working with the experts at LLumin, their CMMS+ software can be easily installed, integrated into customer operations, and then quickly deployed with rapid training and support.

Work with LLumin to Implement CMMS+ Software

Working with LLumin is not just about CMMS software. LLumin provides a hands-on and well-thought-out approach to implementation and continuous support in using their CMMS software. The experts at LLumin follow a honed implementation process and work with you every step of the way. 

Initially, experts at LLumin will help plan the implementation of CMMS software based on existing processes, desired outcomes, and the incorporation of all roles engaged in activities critical to CMMS deployment success. Our agile implementation approach ensures rapid and successful deployment and configuration. Finally, role-based training for your staff and ongoing expert support.

Getting Started With LLumin

LLumin develops innovative CMMS software to manage and track assets for industrial plants, municipalities, utilities, fleets, and facilities. If you’d like to learn more about the total effective equipment performance KPI, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or contact the experts at LLumin to see how our CMMS+ software can help you reach your maintenance goals.

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