A Commitment to Excellence

LLumin develops innovative operations software to manage and track assets in industrial factories, municipalities, and universities. The company’s founder, executives, and designers bring decades of experience and enthusiasm to the development of leading-edge asset and materials management software that improves productivity and enhances safety and compliance. With a company culture that unifies everyone and core values that focus on customer needs, LLumin has been able to evolve and thrive.
This commitment is most obvious in our three-tiered services approach:

  1. Understanding
  2. Configuration
  3. Continuous Learning and Continuous Support

We work closely with our clients at every step to incorporate their valuable input, and in many cases, create lifelong relationships and strategic alliances.
LLumin’s award-winning customer service and ongoing development of cutting-edge technology ensure our customers are not only currently satisfied today but far into the future.

An Illuminating History

Identifying a need for maintenance work order and materials management solutions, Llumin founder Ed Garibian formed eRPortal Software in 2004. Over time, as the offerings from eRPortal became more and more analytics and IOT enabled, the company identified the need to brand its messaging in accordance with this marketplace value proposition. The company name was changed to LLumin in support of this effort. Recognizing the power of transparency and visibility, LLumin offers sophisticated operations software solutions for data and analytics-based machine and asset performance management, as well as Maintenance Management and Inventory Tracking and Replenishment.

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Satisfying the Need for a Flexible Solution

The team at LLumin understands the unique challenges that all large-scale operations face daily. From complex maintenance issues to burdensome regulatory concerns, Llumin solutions offer proactive monitoring and maintenance to minimize downtime. The solutions easily integrate with existing solutions to help track, document and enforce regulatory, compliance, and safety mandates.

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Learn why organizations select Llumin solutions

Our passion is ensuring a machine never goes down.

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