Engineer Successful Maintenance Outcomes with LLumin CMMS+

The team at LLumin, incorporating decades of experience in the manufacturing and asset management software industry, developed CMMS+ as a IOT and Industry 4.0 first Asset Performance and Maintenance Management solution suite.


CMMS+ manages and protects our customers’ infrastructure, assets, and their operations, producing true technology investment ROI by:

      • Improving Asset Uptime and OEE levels
      • Extending the life of asset lifecycles and enabling a higher return on asset investment.
      • Elevating maintenance results by improving information exchange and collaboration among all internal and external resources


LLumin CMMS+ provides you with a rules-based platform for creating maintenance activity strategies that are proactive and predictive.    And you can easily configure CMMS+ to track and monitor any set of attributes or parameters that are critical to your operations.

Every day, tens of thousands of users, from industrial, municipal, and educational institutions all over the world login to LLumin CMMS+ and achieve successful maintenance and asset management outcomes.

Is your organization interested in minimizing machine, production or operations down time while reducing financial, compliance, safety and legal risk?

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