CMMS Software Cost: A Complete Guide To Maintenance Management Software Pricing

After considering the Cmms software cost, this engineer is using the software to maximize uptime in a factory.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a web-based application that gives industries better control over their assets, especially those critical to their operations or production processes. The software application is used to help engineers, maintenance teams, and operations managers monitor the real-time status of each machine or asset that impacts their processes and then identify and prioritize those that may lead to failure, as well as those that are approaching end-of-life based on the cost of ownership, obsolescence or other factors. 

The uses and potential positive impacts a CMMS can have on an organization are endless. However, choosing the right CMMS software can be complicated. There are many factors to consider, including CMMS software cost. Let’s understand how SaaS providers charge you for using CMMS applications and how you can choose the best maintenance management software for your industry.  

How Much Does a CMMS Software Cost?

Well, the short answer is—it depends. 

There are many packages available to suit smaller operations all the way to large multi-location manufacturing plants. To pick the right software, you must first consider the size of your operation and how much of the process you would like to automate.

Once that decision is made, the second step should be much easier. There are two primary ways to get started with a CMMS software. The first is hiring a development team and build custom software specifically for your needs. While this initially sounds like a good option, there are a few significant stumbling blocks. Custom software is costly and isn’t scalable with the growing needs of your company, to name a couple. For these reasons, the custom CMMS software route is outdated, and forward-thinking companies have turned to a better alternative—a third-party configurable web-based option.

Configurable Third-Party Software

A configurable web-based CMMS application comes with pre-coded features and costs much less upfront. You can use the application on a pay-as-you-go monthly or yearly subscription.

The provider charges you on a per-user basis. Moreover, they customize the application both for small firms with standalone operations and for any medium-to-large enterprise-level firm with multiple facilities to monitor simultaneously. 

The average price for small firms with basic requirements is around $50 per user per month and can go up to $200 for large enterprises with advanced features. For example, a starter package for a small industry may consist of inventory and stockroom management but may not offer full control over purchase management and hazardous material tracking aimed at medium to large enterprises. 

For a small to medium firm with ten users, the premium subscription will cost around $24,000 per year, including maintenance costs.  

Considering that first option again, the cost of development and maintenance will remain the same irrespective of the number of users in your organization. There is a minimum level of R&D, testing, and dev work that has to happen, regardless. Thus, it is always wise to go for a best-of-the-breed SaaS CMMS application to maximize your return on investment. But, choosing the right service provider is no less a challenge.

How to Choose the Right Software? 

Ensure that the software comes equipped with the following must-have elements:

  • Asset management
  • Work management
  • Data collection
  • Mobile workforce
  • Inventory and stockroom management
  • Telematics interference
  • Requisition and incident entry 
  • Push notifications
  • Forms and documents management 
  • An agile, rapid implementation process including a dedicated project manager
  • Unlimited email and phone support 

The best CMMS applications also offer more advanced features such as self-serve dashboards, easy transaction tracking, and activity logs under their basic plan. 

Scope for Scalability 

Each industry has unique rules of operation to control downtime and improve performance. In this regard, the CMMS application must allow for configuration rules within the software to make smart decisions and account for changing conditions and growth.


The software must have built-in compliance check features to monitor your industry against critical safety and other regulatory protocols. A well-maintained repository of past work orders and purchases in the software database can save you during audits in case things go south in any way.

Hassle-Free Integration

The application should easily and quickly integrate with the existing systems of your choice to offer nothing but a seamless working experience. Otherwise, it is hard to expect reliable usage and resultant intelligence from your CMMS application. 

Rapid Deployment 

Your CMMS application provider must have a fast deployment mechanism to avoid costly and time-consuming delays during implementation. Make sure they offer a dedicated manager to shoulder the responsibility from day zero. 

Faster ROI

According to Aberdeen Research, unplanned downtime can cost industries up to $260,000 per hour. So look for an ideal CMMS application that can cut down your industry’s mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 15% within two years and unplanned workloads by 35% within a year of operation, which will in turn help realize ROI much faster.

It is also imperative to see whether the price is fixed or excludes any additional charges that may oddly surprise you after you are halfway through the deployment. 

All-In-One CMMS Software With Unbeatable Pricing 

LLumin develops innovative CMMS software to manage and track assets in industrial factories, facilities, municipalities, and universities. Our web-based CMMS+ application uses machine-level data to catch problems at their source and generate proactive actions to eliminate them before it gets too late. Moreover, it can cut down unplanned downtime up to 40% within a year and MTTR by 20% within 24 months of going live. Color-coded visualizations deliver a quick view of all asset and machine status levels, and role-based dashboards make it easy for maintenance and operations personnel to acknowledge their respective tasks in advance, saving time, dollars, and preventing downtime.
We assign a dedicated manager for faster deployment following our honed implementation process. LLumin’s CMMS+ software cost varies according to the plan of your operation. We offer three well-tailored packages—Professional, Premium, and Enterprise to benefit small, medium, and large enterprises with room for ample customization. Moreover, the fixed price comes with zero surprises, hidden charges, or additional costs.

Do you have more questions about CMMS software cost? Call LLumin at (866)326-2757, or Contact Us.