How to Prevent Equipment Failure: 6 Strategies

Bright dangerous electronic sparks of current quickly and sharply scatter from an unsafe short circuit, how to prevent equipment failure
Bright dangerous electronic sparks of current quickly and sharply scatter from an unsafe short circuit, how to prevent equipment failure

If your organization wants to improve workplace safety and efficiency and reduce costs associated with unexpected breakdowns, knowing how to prevent equipment failure should be a top priority. This article will explore the most common causes of equipment failure and suggest practical solutions you can implement to avoid these setbacks. 

Additionally, we’ll highlight how LLumin’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS+) can take preventive maintenance to higher levels of reliability.

Common Causes of Equipment Failure

Several factors can cause equipment failure; however, there are some common culprits across different types of equipment. We’ve listed the most common ones below for your consideration. 

Common Causes of Equipment Failure
Wear and Tear Regular use can cause equipment and associated parts to deteriorate over time.
Improper Operation Equipment misuse or mishandling can lead to premature failure.
Lack of Regular Maintenance Equipment failure is almost certain to occur when routine maintenance is neglected.
Environmental Factors Extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust can accelerate equipment wear and tear.

Strategies to Prevent Equipment Failure

While preventive maintenance varies depending on the type of equipment, you can take some simple steps to reduce equipment failure and unexpected breakdowns. We’ll review the most practical ones before suggesting a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) approach to help take preventive maintenance to the next level.  

How to Prevent Equipment Failure
Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Employee Training
Use Quality Materials Updating Equipment
Environment Conditions Predictive Maintenance
  1. Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Correctly timed, scheduled maintenance is critical if you want to keep equipment operating at peak performance for longer periods of time. Servicing your equipment at the right time (not over-scheduled or under-scheduled) can help you extend its lifespan and identify problems before they cause equipment failure. 

  1. Employee Training

Because equipment can be damaged or misused due to human error, ensuring your maintenance team is trained in proper maintenance, equipment type and use, and equipment usage will help reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. 

  1. Use Quality Materials and Supplies

Have you ever considered how the quality of parts and equipment can impact your maintenance schedule? Using higher-quality replacement parts and equipment helps reduce the need for frequent repairs in the future while prolonging the overall lifespan.

  1. Updating Equipment

Is your equipment keeping up with the times or falling behind? Keeping your equipment updated with the latest technology (hardware and software) can improve performance and efficiency and help reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdowns. 

  1. Environment Conditions

Regular maintenance is just as important as creating the right environment for working equipment. Are your equipment storage facilities environmentally safe? Is the area free of dirt, dust, and debris? You can reduce the risk of equipment failure by carefully monitoring and adjusting environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and sanitation. 

  1. Predictive Maintenance

If you’re still using a reactive or preventive maintenance strategy, consider how a more advanced approach could help save you money on unexpected repairs and downtime costs. Using a maintenance strategy, like Predictive Maintenance (PdM), that leverages data collection and analytics to predict when maintenance should be performed can dramatically reduce equipment failure rates. 

Using LLumin’s CMMS+ to Prevent Equipment Failure

Combining the above strategies with advanced CMMS software can help you get the most out of your equipment. If you’re questioning how to prevent equipment failure and doing everything possible to get the best ROI out of working equipment, LLumin can help. 

LLumin’s CMMS+ software provides a comprehensive and customizable cloud platform that can significantly improve your current maintenance operations: 

  • Simplify Processes: LLumin’s cloud-based, mobile-ready platform provides a centralized data repository for scheduling, executing, and monitoring maintenance tasks, which can increase visibility and make your maintenance processes more efficient.
  • Organization and Documentation: A CMMS can help ensure that all maintenance records are organized and easily accessible and that every task is documented and traceable, making compliance easier. 
  • Automation: Automation and automated responses capable of sending maintenance reminders and deploying solutions based on historical data can help reduce human error rates while ensuring that developing issues don’t escalate into expensive downtime and repairs. 
  • Predictive Analytics: LLumin’s CMMS software is an invaluable tool for gaining detailed insight into the health of your equipment. It provides detailed data and analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions about equipment maintenance and overall management. 

How To Prevent Equipment Failure With LLumin’s CMMS+

For businesses with mission-critical equipment and high costs associated with unexpected downtime and repairs, preventing equipment failure is a top priority. It is also critical to maintain safety. You can start reaping the benefits of improved maintenance operations and fewer equipment breakdowns today by implementing the practical strategies outlined above in conjunction with LLumin’s CMMS+ software.

Getting Started With LLumin

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