Mobilizing Your Maintenance Management Workforce to Minimize Downtime

With companies across vertical industries seeking predictive maintenance to minimize costly machine and production downtime in industrial manufacturing, interest in enabling a mobile workforce is climbing quickly.

Providing maintenance staff access to your data from a smartphone or tablet lets them stay on top of issues at any time of day, from any location. The difference between expensive problems and smooth maintenance resolution can be just a matter of minutes. 

In fact, the average cost of downtime across all businesses is roughly $260,000 per hour. That’s according to Aberdeen Group, a research and consulting firm.

The answer? Provide your maintenance management staff the ability to remotely connect to their company’s operation management software system from a mobile device. This leverages skilled human assets that would otherwise be limited to a specific plant location. 

Give your workforce full mobility with an asset management system that can be accessed on any mobile device both online and offline. Manufacturers should see the value and flexibility of making more efficient use of their skilled employees.

LLumin’s Mobile Workforce

With LLumin’s Mobile Workforce, your manufacturing management and maintenance staff can work from most any offsite location. They can link in at any hour of the day. This also enables companies to support the needs of multiple facilities during travel and from home.

Mobile Workforce – supported in READYTrak and READYAsser suites – can optimize asset management by giving your workers immediate access. They can view and address work orders as they post into the vendor’s asset management system. Using a graphical user interface, they can view the type and number of:

-New unassigned work orders.

-Completed work items awaiting approval.

-Work orders assigned to the specific technician, and

-Work orders in process.

Going Mobile

Anticipating the need for real-time asset management from any location in an every-minute counts reality, LLumin made its entire asset and materials management software natively mobile. That means your personnel in the field can access the system using a Wi-Fi connection.

LLumin has provided further functionality and avoiding data connection costs, The vendor also provides a streamlined, disconnected mobile suite that lets your maintenance staff work without an Internet connection. The suite is fully compatible with Android or Apple IoS devices. It also offers the most important features and functionality of our maintenance and materials management software.

Get Modern

Manufacturers using operations management software without mobile workforce support are missing out, according to “A CMMS solution that doesn’t offer full mobile compatibility is not a competitive option for modern maintenance management,” according to the site. Mobile support was ranked as a top five must-have feature for maintenance management systems.

LLumin’s operations management software provides this crucial capability to help customers ensure they can make the most effective use of their maintenance management workforce. This can help avoid unplanned asset downtime, a loss of revenue, and unhappy customers. 

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