7 Facility Management Software Features That You Need

Facility Management Software Features
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Advanced facility management software can help an organization fully optimize maintenance planning and scheduling, perform preventive maintenance, and make data-driven decisions. However, before buying in, ensure that your chosen solution has the advanced features you’ll need to perform these activities.

So, today we will look at some of the key features your chosen facility management software should have. We will review each software feature in greater detail before introducing LLumin’s computerized maintenance management software (CMMS+) solution, which combines all features with a next-generation mobile-ready platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Essential Facility Management Software Features

There are multiple facility management software platforms available on the market with various features and functionalities that can help an organization streamline maintenance operations and improve overall performance. However, some may lack the advanced features your organization could need to stay competitive in a fast-changing market. 

To get you started, we’ve listed the essential features to look for in facility management software and briefly explained why they’re important.

1. Asset Tracking & Management

The asset tracking and management feature enables businesses to track and manage assets and facilities across multiple locations. When your facility management software includes this feature, your company will be able to track the status and performance of company assets, identify underutilized assets, and optimize asset use. 

2. Maintenance Management

This maintenance management feature helps businesses to manage and schedule maintenance tasks efficiently. It makes tracking maintenance history and planning maintenance schedules in advance easier. When your chosen solution includes this feature, it will help your organization set maintenance task priorities and effectively manage its resources, resulting in more efficient and productive maintenance operations.

3. Preventive Maintenance

When a company manages business-critical assets, a run-to-failure or reactive maintenance strategy can result in excessive repair costs and downtime. When your facility management software supports preventive maintenance, you can implement preventive maintenance schedules, helping to reduce maintenance costs, extend asset lifespan, and improve overall equipment reliability and performance.

Top facility management software features

4. Work Order Management

If your organization still records work orders manually, this feature is critical for optimizing how your maintenance team creates and manages work orders. A maintenance team can use this feature to create maintenance tasks, assign them to the appropriate technicians, and track progress and completion times.

When your chosen software solution is cloud-based and mobile-ready, like LLumin’s CMMS+, it will improve departmental collaboration, reduce delays caused by communication issues and a lack of access to essential information, and ensure work order tasks are completed on time and in accordance with company guidelines.

5. Personnel Management

Personnel management is important because it allows facility managers to oversee employees’ information, work schedules, and tasks, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. This feature can also help managers identify areas for improvement and provide the necessary training and support to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge.

6. Inventory Management

If you still need help to reduce the costs of excess inventory, emergency purchases, and stockouts, or improve how needed parts and materials are tracked and ordered, this feature should be on your list of requirements for your next facility management software.

7. Reporting & Analytics

This feature can provide detailed reports and data analytics to help your organization make better decisions. It can assist facility managers in tracking and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying maintenance trends, forecasting future maintenance needs accurately, and optimizing maintenance schedules.

LLumin’s CMMS+ Facility Management Software Features

LLumin’s powerful facility management platform includes all the above features and more. The platform is designed to help facility managers and decision-makers streamline and optimize their current process structure to fully maximize their return on investment.
LLumin’s AI-powered CMMS+ software will provide you and your team with real-time data to manage company assets, improve equipment uptime, cut maintenance costs, and identify areas to reduce compliance and safety risks. So whether you need to reduce downtime, optimize facility management, or improve maintenance operations, LLumin can help.

Getting Started With LLumin

LLumin has developed an innovative CMMS to manage and track multiple assets and facilities for industrial plants, municipalities, utilities, fleets, and facilities. To get started with the most advanced facility management software features currently on the market, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or contact the experts at LLumin to see how our software can help you reach your management goals.