Best Fleet Maintenance Software: 2024 Review

Photo of industrial long hauler carriers
Photo of industrial long hauler carriers

Staying on top of the latest trends in 2024 could mean the difference between your organization remaining competitive and falling behind. The best 2024 fleet maintenance software solutions can help you save money, get a high-level view of your fleet and company assets, and fully automate your fleet maintenance tasks. Because choosing the right solution is critical, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that compares the top solutions on the market and highlights their key features below.

Why Fleet Maintenance Software?

There are many fleet management solutions available on the market. Still, few offer the most cutting-edge features needed to maintain vehicle health, ensure compliance, and fully optimize maintenance scheduling in a way that converts to measurable improvements in vehicle uptime, lifespan, and reduced unplanned downtime

The best fleet maintenance solutions provide features like real-time tracking, automated maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reports. Advanced solutions like LLumin’s CMMS+ offer sensor-driven condition monitoring and AI-powered predictive analytics that can help you take a proactive maintenance approach to ensure your vehicles stay compliant and road-ready. 

Choosing the Right Fleet Maintenance Software

Choosing the right solution will require a stakeholder assessment of organizational requirements and goals. After you’ve honed in on the most important features your organization needs, you’re off to find a solution that best aligns with them. Some key considerations should include the software’s ability to scale and grow with your company, ease of use for your team, mobile readiness, integration with existing telematics and fleet management systems, and more.

It’s also critical to assess your chosen software’s customer support services, ensuring that any training and questions you have before, during, and after implementation will prepare you to face future challenges. However, don’t just look for solutions that maintain the status quo. Look for a solution to help your organization meet important regulatory requirements while setting a new maintenance management standard.

Best Fleet Maintenance Software 2024

Every solution we’ve reviewed has unique strengths and weaknesses that will vary depending on your organizational needs. What will determine the best solution will depend on your specific fleet requirements, size, industry, and the desired level of insight and control you have over your data. 

The comparison table below focuses on the core features of the best fleet maintenance software for 2024. It will help provide a clearer understanding of each platform’s capabilities. For a more in-depth exploration of features, please visit each provider’s official website: 

Fleet Maintenance Software Compared





Verizon Connect


Predictive Maintenance

Advanced AI-driven predictive maintenance

Scheduled maintenance reminders

Predictive maintenance insights for vehicle health

Alerts for routine servicing and maintenance reminders

Predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling

Asset Monitoring

Automated, sensor-driven asset monitoring

Comprehensive asset management tools

Real-time GPS tracking, trailer tracking

Real-time GPS tracking and vehicle diagnostics

Remote diagnostics and engine health monitoring

Compliance Management

Advanced compliance and event logging

Compliance with fleet regulations

ELD compliance, safety, and dash cams

ELD tracking data, compliance management

ELD solutions are certified for compliance

User Interface

User-friendly, intuitive interface

Easy-to-use app for maintenance management

User-friendly dashboard with real-time insights

Customizable alerts, mobile app for on-the-go management

Web-based, easy-to-use, with detailed analytics dashboard

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with other systems

Integration with industry-specific fleet maintenance providers

OEM integrations, an extensive app marketplace

Integration marketplace for extending functionality

Open platform for custom solutions, SDK for integration

Customer Support

Best-in-class customer support

Robust customer service options

Robust customer support and education

Online training, extensive support resources

Onboarding, customer success service offerings, Geotab Academy

Customization and Flexibility

Highly adaptable to industry-specific needs

Custom alerts, reports, and user roles

Custom alerts, reports, and dashboards

Custom security levels, alerts, and reports

Custom mapping, data integration, and reporting

Fleet Maintenance Insights

Real-time, predictive insights into asset maintenance

Maintenance tracking, inventory management

Preventive maintenance programs, maintenance alerts

Scheduled maintenance alerts, diagnostic reports

Benchmarking, advanced reporting on driver behavior and engine data

LLumin’s CMMS+

LLumin’s CMMS+ stands out from other options with its predictive maintenance capabilities, leveraging data collected from machine-level sensors and IoT technologies to offer real-time asset oversight and workflow automation. It’s customizable and designed to meet the needs of several industries, helping organizations ensure their maintenance operations are more efficient and compliant. LLumin provides users with the tools to make strategic asset management and maintenance decisions, optimize work orders and issue resolution, and schedule and track maintenance activities. 


Fleetio is known for its asset management tools that help support preventive maintenance and fleet operations management. Its easy-to-use interface and mobile capabilities can help boost user access and flexibility. It is a good solution for businesses looking to streamline fleet management and maintenance schedule creation. 


Samsara provides a unified platform that integrates real-time GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and maintenance schedules, supported by a user-friendly interface. Its notification and alert features are known for supporting preventive maintenance, making it a good solution for organizations needing a more holistic solution supporting vehicle health and reliability. 

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect offers an end-to-end fleet management solution with real-time GPS tracking, route optimization, and driver management tools. It emphasizes the importance of driver safety and vehicle maintenance, providing detailed diagnostics and scheduled maintenance alerts to prevent emergency repairs and downtime.


Geotab takes a more proactive approach to fleet maintenance with remote diagnostics and comprehensive engine data reporting features. It supports predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling and has extensive integration capabilities. These features make it well-suited for organizations that need access to detailed analytics and customizable reporting. 

Choosing the Best Fleet Maintenance Software

The main objective of fleet maintenance software is to improve the upkeep and management of vehicles and related heavy equipment and assets. However, the features of the top solutions on the market vary widely between providers. Each solution has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. 

Certain features may be unnecessary if you’re looking for an advanced maintenance management solution focused on keeping your fleet working at peak performance. LLumin’s advanced solution excels at real-time condition monitoring and can manage a broad range of assets, including non-vehicle assets. Other solutions simply don’t provide these advanced fleet maintenance features and focus more on route optimization and driver safety.

LLumin’s CMMS+ distinguishes itself with its predictive maintenance capabilities powered by AI and IoT technologies. Its level of sophistication and flexibility makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to take their fleet maintenance processes to new and higher levels of advancement.

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LLumin: A Trusted Fleet Maintenance Software

LLumin’s CMMS+ differs from other solutions that only provide basic maintenance alerting features based on time or usage-based maintenance. LLumin collects real-time machine data, raising the bar with condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance in the fleet management space. Its predictive approach truly represents Industry 4.0 and the technology you’ll need to improve vehicle lifespan and performance.

Lumin’s cloud-based, mobile-ready platform is an integrated, enterprise-level solution that can support the complex needs of several industries, including utilities, manufacturing, and transportation.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

“Throughout the initial phase, Llumin has exceeded my expectations. Their team was knowledgeable and flexible. Out of the 20 IWMS and CMMS systems that I met with, they were the most professional and did the best job of explaining their product.

Outside of that, seeing as we selected them as our vendor, the software delivered in a way others could not. It met all the specifications that we need in an asset-focused CMMS system.

– Chase Sperry, Facilities Analyst/Project Coordinator at Vitesco Technologies”

Lumin’s CMMS+ provides:

  • Cost Reduction through Integration: Improve supply chain visibility by seamlessly integrating LLumin with your operational ecosystems. This allows for effortless synchronization with MES and operational software for informed maintenance scheduling and work order creation.
  • Lifecycle Extension: LLumin will equip your team with insights into optimal maintenance timings, alerting, and automating work order creation, leading to a measurable reduction in emergency repairs and unplanned downtime.
  • Operational Synergy: LLumin’s cloud-based platform and integration capabilities can facilitate smooth cross-departmental communication, particularly between your maintenance and operational teams, thus improving coordination and distributing critical maintenance information.
  • Personnel and Labor Management: LLumin can help your organization manage personnel, from tracking task completion to assigning the right technicians with needed skills to the right tasks, helping to ensure maintenance tasks are completed without issue and on time. 
  • Fully Customizable: LLumin is customizable to your organization’s unique needs, with custom rules for automated responses to operational triggers. This flexibility can ensure that as your organization grows and changes, LLumin can meet your needs.

Partner with LLumin for Fleet Maintenance Excellence

When you choose to work with LLumin to support your fleet maintenance needs, you’ll discover an advanced and user-friendly solution that surpasses conventional standards. LLumin can help you stay compliant and much more. Llumin equips users with cutting-edge technology and the advanced features needed to ensure highly effective maintenance.

Further, our implementation specialists will ensure its full integration with your current telematics and fleet management solutions, producing the results you expect from day one. Our customer service is second to none, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your team is prepared to benefit from a new solution and that your maintenance operations are optimized and continue to improve over time.

Embrace the future of fleet maintenance management with LLumin’s CMMS+, and see how predictive maintenance and real-time asset oversight can transform your fleet operations.

Getting Started With LLumin

LLumin develops innovative CMMS software to manage and track assets for industrial plants, municipalities, utilities, fleets, and facilities. If you’d like to learn more about the total effective equipment performance KPI, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or contact the experts at LLumin to see how our CMMS+ software can help you reach maximum productivity and efficiency goals.

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