Leave downtime in the rearview.

As you compare machine preventive maintenance software solutions, you’ll see a lot of buzzwords thrown around: 

  • “Streamline maintenance workflows” 
  • “Standardize your maintenance tasks” 
  • “Harness the full power of IoT”

But when it comes down to it, you don’t want to “leverage the power of smarter data to transform your maintenance workflows.” 

You want to eliminate surprise downtime. Full stop. 

Enter LLumin, the only machine maintenance software offering machine-level data. LLumin integrates directly with each and every production machine in your facility. 

How we compare:

  • Some machine maintenance software solutions force you to manually collect data on machine conditions.
  • Others use sensors to collect data throughout your plant.
  • LLumin extends these capabilities, integrating directly with each machine. You can finally base maintenance decisions on a deep analysis of data directly from the machine. You’ll get complete visibility into performance conditions across any number of production lines or plants. All in real-time. 

If one machine rises even 1°, your team will know.

LLumin will flag the issue in your Facility View, and — depending on the urgency level you assign to the temperature change — all of the actions required to fix the issue will be automatically triggered.

Long story short: You never have to worry about unplanned downtime due to unforeseen machine malfunctions again.

Break free from reactive maintenance workflows, and start engineering uptime outcomes with LLumin. 

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Reduce unplanned workloads by as much as 42% within 12 months.

Slash mean time to repair (MTTR) scores by nearly 20% and make downtime a thing of the past.

Finally get real-time visibility into the performance of every single production machine in your plant.

Kick unplanned downtime to the curb.

Schedule a LLumin demo today, and learn how your team can make unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

The machine maintenance software that gets smarter over time

You can program LLumin to alert you of spikes in trends based on machine-level data that you collect (should anything out of the ordinary pop up).

And your LLumin gets smarter the longer you use it. 

Using historical data and context, the LLumin software suite will proactively predict and flag downtime-causing issues — before they result in a minute of unplanned downtime.

That’s predictive maintenance software done right.

Act on up-to-the-minute information

Most machine maintenance software solutions use approximate metrics like runtime to set off maintenance actions. When a machine has run 1,000 hours, for example, a maintenance workflow is triggered. 

Problem is: A lot can happen between hour one and hour 1,000. 

You can finally get real-time visibility into what’s happening within every machine in your plant with LLumin

That’s because LLumin is the only software with machine-level data monitoring and triggering actions built-in. LLumin integrates directly with every production machine data point in your facility. 

Sure, other machine maintenance solutions find ways to monitor a condition or two in your plant. But LLumin monitors what’s going on with arrays of conditions simultaneously, inside many machines, in real-time. 

And with LLumin’s level of granularity, if one machine rises 1°, your team will know. 

You never have to worry about your line shutting down because of an unforeseen machine malfunction.

Starting at $42/month per user

LLumin is competitively priced. Our base package starts at $42/month per user, and our enterprise-level subscription amounts to $125/month per user. Talk to our team today, and we’ll match you with the subscription level that best fits your needs.

What could you do with more time on your hands?

LLumin plants decreased their mean time to repair (MTTR) by 20% within 24 months of activation.

Hands-on implementation & support

You’ll get a lifetime of upgrades and support, from cradle-to-grave, starting with a project manager to guide onboarding users through an easy, five-step implementation process.

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