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The Transformative Journey Toward Machine as a Service (MaaS)

A conversation with Edward Garibian, CEO of Llumin in Springfield, MA   Interviewer: Ed, before I ask you a few questions about the transformative journey that many manufacturers are going through as they embrace MaaS, can you tell us what MaaS is and give us a brief history of MaaS? Ed Garibian:  Yes, I’ve watched MaaS develop over the past 20 years and become a hot topic in the last decade.  In terms of what MaaS is, it’s a business operating model that involves equipment manufacturers selling machinery to end-user manufacturers on a subscription basis.  But it doesn’t stop there. ...

SunnyD Deploys Asset Performance Management Software to Optimize Its Operations

Beverage Maker’s Use of LLumin Products Across Five Plants Delivers Continuing Business Benefits How can Asset Performance Management software, combined with enterprise level Materials and Inventory Tracking software, help food and beverage companies modernize their manufacturing operations? Over a decade ago, beverage maker SunnyD installed LLumin’s READYAsset and READYTrak suites to cover its five North American plants - and is still counting the ways. The stakes couldn’t be higher in the every-second-counts environment that SunnyD operates in.  Their plants run 24x7x365. Avoiding downtime through predictive maintenance was a key reason the company installed LLumin’s sophisticated software suites. Avoiding machine and...