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Higher Education

Higher Education

Software Modules for Campus Wide Asset Management, Materials Management & Chemical Tracking

LLumin’s facility maintenance management and inventory management software are ideally suited to manage the operations of university research labs.

Maintaining safety and regulatory compliance requires university EHS personnel to be able to track the purchase, usage, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals oftentimes used at multiple campus sites.

Universities have unique requirements when it comes to EHS and laboratory inventory management. Not only must they be able to track the location on campus of potentially hazardous materials, but also the source, required use and funding of those chemicals, particularly if purchased through private grants.

LLumin’s READYTrak is ideally suited for the special requirements of laboratory inventory management software.  Not only does our READYTrak Materials Management software follow materials as they leave the stockroom, it tracks which professor or student has checked out the chemicals, identifies the purpose or project and records which funding source or grant code to be assigned. Detailed information about the chemicals stored on campus, ie safety data sheets and safety measures, provide university personnel and first responders the assurance of a safety plan should a building mishap put a lab in danger.

This sophisticated lab chemical inventory software helps improve campus safety and regulatory compliance – a critical consideration for any facilities maintenance management software.

LLumin’s READYTrak for lab inventory management and campus chemical /hazwaste tracking is complemented by our READYAsset enterprise asset management system. READYAsset provides facilities maintenance capabilities that can be used anywhere on campus to boost productivity, contain costs, track and manage assets and schedule and budget replacement and repair of facilities and equipment.

Our READYTrak and READYAsset software suites bring accountability and transparency to colleges and universities, cut costs and improve safety by addressing tough challenges in operations automation and materials and asset management.

What our Higher Ed Customers Love about our Hazardous Chemical Management and Facilities Maintenance Software

  • Advanced serialization and bar code technology ensures accurate issue/return and charge-back of lab chemicals and supplies
  • Complete inventory, reorder and purchase management
  • Customized to track refillable solvent containers and gas cylinders, for guaranteed demurrage control
  • Cradle-to-grave tracking of chemical and hazardous materials inventory on all campus locations
  • Tracking of spare parts, industrial and office supplies, and other central stores inventory
  • Automated creation of reorder lists based on predetermined minimum levels
  • Manages warehousing, distribution and delivery operations
  • Offers complete work order management and automatically generates preventive maintenance requisitions using preset criteria
  • Centralizes and maintains key asset information, provides hierarchical asset tracking
  • Offers information and tracking that enables maintenance costs to be accurately projected

Software Modules for Campus Wide Operations & Asset Management

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