Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials and Case Studies

LLumin understands that keeping a manufacturing plant, water treatment facility, or higher education research lab up and running is challenging. As the industry leader in asset and materials management, we’ve helped thousands of customers stay operational, productive, and profitable. But, don’t just take our word for it…

“With LLumin in place, the maintenance department is working faster – the time to complete and close out work orders has been cut back computer time by nearly 75%. And no maintenance system is good if you can’t retrieve information from it. LLumin’s flexibility allows us to ensure we track what is important, and that is helping us more effectively track asset costs, asset statuses, and areas of potential problems.”

— Maintenance Supervisor, Landoll Corporation


“LLumin has helped Savage Arms reduce on-hand MRO inventory by 23% – we run a much more efficient Tool Crib.”

-Controller, Savage Arms


“The connection between READYAsset and our DCS allows Advanced BioEnergy to automate the creation of preventive maintenance work orders based on actual equipment utilization points. This is critical. Only then can we know exactly when each piece of equipment needs servicing so we can avoid system shut down times as much as possible.”

– Maintenance Manager, Advanced BioEnergy


READYAsset’s integration with our plant floor control systems provides a huge benefit. We set rules around oil temperature values and motor loads. If any exceed a given threshold, READYAsset triggers a notification and generates a work order so we can respond immediately. This helps us prevent catastrophic failures as well as reduce the number of product quality issues, overall.”

– Maintenance Manager, Tencate GeoSynthetics

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