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Our History Keeping in Step with Business Needs

1989 – The Start as a Microsoft Reseller

LLumin, like many technology companies, has evolved over the decades as business needs have changed – changing its name along the way.


The company started out as Applied PC Systems in 1989, when the world revolved around Microsoft. Reselling and deploying document management systems and other high-end applications based on the tech giant’s SQL Server DB, its Windows OS, and its messaging platform provided a comfortable living for founder Ed Garibian, but didn’t satisfy the itch for innovation.


2000s – Product Category Expansion and Name Change

Ed expanded his company’s capabilities and product offerings with the acquisition of a local business software products company.    However, by 2004, it became apparent that in order to give the software business effective market visibility, a separate identity would need to be established.  eRPortal Software, Inc. was founded and the focus began to shift from primarily local customers to national, enterprise level , customers looking for sophisticated work order and materials tracking functionality.

2018 – Claiming its Niche with an Enlightened New Brand

Having redirected its software development efforts entirely into the Enterprise CMMS and materials management categories many years earlier, the company realized it was long-time to reconsider its moniker. The company landed on the name LLumin, in recognition of the capabilities of its software to provide full transparency and visibility into the operations of its customers.  At the same time, its newly released enterprise asset management and materials management software products were branded READYAsset and READYTrak. Today, the company offers a full suite of modules aimed at the specialized asset management and materials management and tracking needs of manufacturing businesses, municipalities and universities.


Meet The LLumin Team