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Mobile Workforce How LLumin Makes Your Workforce Fully Mobile

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Every user or role within the LLumin suite gets their own home page of action items, statistics, reports, and privileges.

READYAsset and READYTrak login profiles are easy to set up and manage.

Give your workforce full mobility with an asset management system that can be used on any mobile device both online and offline.

One of the most important features of any industrial or municipal work order management software is that it be able to be used by workers in the field, who may or may not have access to an Internet connection.

LLumin’s enterprise asset management software (EAM) and materials management suite have been re-written in HTML 5 to make them natively mobile with or without an Internet connection. 

Enterprise Asset & Maintenance Management

Our Maintenance and Materials Management software provide your workforce with two ways to interact with the system and complete their necessary work:

  • The entire enterprise asset management and materials management suite of modules is natively mobile, meaning that our SAAS solution can be fully used by personnel in the field who have Wi-Fi connection.
  • LLumin also provides a streamlined, disconnected mobile suite that can be downloaded onto mobile devices from the Apple and Google stores. These mobile apps, fully compatible with Android or Apple IOS devices, offer the most important features and functionality of our maintenance and Materials Management suites with no need for an Internet connection to run.
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Learn more about our Enterprise Asset Management and Materials Management products.

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