Asset Capital Planning and Risk Assessment


EAM Module: Risk Assessment

Maximize the risk assessment capabilities of EAM software with user-defined attributes that automatically grade Asset risk levels and calculate required capital investment forecasts.

The best way to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime is to have an understanding of the condition of your machinery, facilities and other assets and proactively plan for appropriate maintenance or replacement expenditures.   It is also important to be able to define what conditions and parameters contribute to risk.  These vary depending on asset type.

The Risk Assessment module in LLumin’s Enterprise Asset Management Software provides company executives and municipal directors with critical information for:

  • Accurately assessing the condition of their machinery, facilities and other assets;
  • Determining which assets present the most risk and the criticality of those assets to vital business operations , should they fail;
  • Forecasting which assets are nearing their end of life and the cost to repair or replace them.

Whether tracking equipment, vehicles, buildings or more, this asset and facility condition assessment software enables organizations to gain visibility into operations risk and capital investment requirements anytime from the next year to 30 years from now.

What Our Customers Love about this Facility Asset Management Software

Our Risk Assessment software module enables organizations to customize the formulas used to assess and manage risk of failure.  Pre-defined risk attributes can be swapped with custom factors to give risk managers and other planning executives more relevant and accurate information about facility or asset condition, the need for maintenance or replacement and expected cost of replacement or repair.

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