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Asset Management & Risk Mitigation Software

LLumin’s software for municipality asset management and government inventory management boosts productivity, enhances safety and maintains compliance.

What if one software suite could manage every decision in the lifecycle of every building, piece of equipment, and infrastructure managed by a city?

Despite declining tax revenues and continual budget cuts, municipal managers face increasing pressure to keep government equipment and facilities properly maintained, while enhancing security and ensuring compliance.    

LLumin’s READYAsset and READYTrak software suites offer municipality asset management capabilities for every asset under the municipality’s control – from plants, equipment and transportation fleets to bridges, dams, sewers, fire hydrants and other infrastructure.

Our municipality asset management solution provides full visibility of operations risk and capital investment requirements for as long as 30 years into the future.  Our inventory management solution efficiently manages spare parts inventory as well as the purchase, use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials.

The system offers a high degree of flexibility and integration with ESRI GIS systems and various financial management applications.  Architectural flexibility enables municipal managers to centrally manage assets that are defined as location centric, equipment centric, linear or a combination of all three attributes.

Public Works

LLumin’s asset management software for municipalities offers full visibility into operations risk and capital investment requirements for up to 30 years.


LLumin’s asset management software for municipalities provides all the tools needed to manage utility maintenance and safety compliance.

What our Customers Love about our Software for Municipal Asset and Material Management

  • Integration with SCADA systems
  • Integration with ESRI ArcGIS
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Flexible, easy-to-use and configurable to your work processes
  • Web and mobile access
  • Full interoperability with existing business and operations systems
  • A complete, end-to-end business system
  • Condition-based maintenance management

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