No guru needed with LLumin CMMS+

Convincing your maintenance team to adapt to new software can be a chore.

It’s no mystery why. Most CMMS tools are hard to set up and harder to use. Spreadsheets aren’t perfect, but at least they’re good enough.

What if you didn’t have to settle for “good enough” anymore?

LLumin CMMS+ works with any operation — whether it’s a wind energy farm or a dairy plant with 10,000 machine components — to eliminate unplanned downtime. But it doesn’t stop there. It also adapts to you.

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Built for maintenance teams

“LLumin is a lot easier for trade staff to use, and it's tailored well to our needs. Its simplicity makes it really user-friendly for operators.” — Simon McGowan, engineering manager at Mataura Valley Milk

Designed with flexibility in mind

You need simplicity to get your team on board. With LLumin, every user can customize their own dashboard to show only what they need and hide what they don’t. 

More than 1/3 of LLumin users convert from reactive to proactive maintenance in less than a year, reducing MTTR by 26%. 

And instead of forcing your team to learn the default nomenclature of a rigid platform, LLumin CMMS+ lets you rename icons and data fields. Your team can keep calling it what it is instead of what some far-away software developer thinks it should be. And since LLumin supports native iOS functionality, pinch zoom and one-touch navigability already feel familiar in the mobile app.

"It's very intuitive"

LLumin facility view

Clicking through a bunch of dropdown menus is tedious. LLumin’s one-touch interface condenses this process. That means your service agents can see assigned tasks, check asset statuses and issue work orders in fewer steps — reducing maintenance costs by 40%.

“It’s very intuitive,” says reliability engineer Mike Arnold. “You just have to follow your nose.”

Plus, interactive tools like Facility View make condition-based monitoring even easier. If LLumin detects abnormal machine conditions, you’ll see the exact location. And in just a few clicks, you can review the real-time data and its history. This simplifies on-the-ground diagnostics and work order escalations for your team.


LLumin facility view

Stuck? We've got your back

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Most maintenance software doesn’t live up to the hype. And it’s an expensive pill to swallow when wary maintenance techs don’t buy in. 

But that won’t happen with LLumin. 

With 40,000 users, we still average just 12 open tickets on any given day.

That’s because we respond to requests within hours, if not minutes. And when you get an agent on the line, they’re an expert at our Massachusetts headquarters who understands LLumin CMMS+ inside and out.

Office employees in front of multiple screens at desk

Support you can rely on

“Whenever I turn in a ticket, they act on it quickly. And so I have to give kudos to their support team. They do a really good job.” — Steve Verrett, application support manager at SunnyD

Request a demo

Maintenance teams are rightly wary of change, especially when it comes to new software. But LLumin is so easy to use that it’ll feel familiar to even the most seasoned skeptics.

By harnessing LLumin CMMS+ functionality, your technicians and operators will love tackling their daily problems — and optimize your plant’s performance.

To understand how LLumin fits your needs, schedule a free demo today.

Here’s what to expect after you fill out the form:

  • A rep will reach out within 24 hours. Their mission? To show you how you can take complete control over maintenance outcomes.
  • Ask industry-specific questions during your personal, one-on-one LLumin demo.
  • Consult the experts to decide whether our CMMS+ is right for your company.