How SunnyD optimized their parts inventory nationwide

Before installing LLumin CMMS+, SunnyD struggled to plan day-to-day maintenance, long-term upkeep and equipment tracking across their five North American facilities.

From the outset, plant managers customized LLumin to streamline ordinary maintenance. As machine lifetimes lengthened over the years, the benefits became obvious.

But the biggest success isn’t just that the software worked as planned.

It’s how LLumin’s unique CMMS+ capabilities transformed their own stockrooms.

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CMMS+ supports a proactive maintenance strategy that reduced downtime across five facilities

Intuitive interface streamlines information retrieval, slashing MTTR by 26%

By using LLumin to catch redundancies in their multi-site parts inventory, SunnyD stopped wasteful spending

Simple maintenance management in one click

“With LLumin, we can get to any screen for information about an alert or to drill down a specific asset, component or even part in the plant. The team likes LLumin because it is easy to use and lets them intuitively filter data to get the information they need. Plus, information dashboards on everyone’s home page gives us critical info the instant we log in. All of this saves us a huge amount of time.” — Steve Verret, application support manager at SunnyD

CMMS+ optimizes spare parts management

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When it comes to critical machine maintenance, surprise inventory stockouts extend costly unplanned outages and delay repairs. For SunnyD, that means risking product spoilage.

Plant managers used LLumin’s inventory-tracking capabilities to monitor every spare part in every stockroom across the company. Now, when a sister facility needs a part located at another plant’s storeroom, site-to-site transfers save the headache of an entire external PO process.

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LLumin eliminates redundancies and saves money

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A surplus of unnecessary spares ties up capital. Every unneeded part hurt SunnyD’s bottom line.

“We were trying to limit the number of parts in the storeroom — and have the right parts just when we need them,” said Steve.

With full visibility over all enterprise-wide inventory locations, SunnyD cut the glut and boosted its bottom line.

two men wearing hardhats and yellow vests looking at tablet

Automated procurement achieves peace of mind

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Beyond visibility over sister facility stockrooms, LLumin also offers paperless approvals and signoffs. As technicians use spare parts, they can place POs directly from LLumin or even automate spare part allocations as work orders are created or triggered.

This meant that teams finally had all necessary parts and tools staged at the right place and at the right time to complete scheduled maintenance work — substantially mitigating downtime.

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OSHA? FDA? Always audit-ready

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Audits can be stressful, but LLumin gave SunnyD managers a bulletproof organizational tool. For MRO work orders with specific compliance procedures, LLumin exposed any lockout/tagout and necessary safety permits to safeguard employees from the unexpected.

And critical documents? No more diving through filing cabinets or three-ring binders. SunnyD’s team can retrieve anything an auditor asks for in just a couple clicks.

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LLumin’s value is more than money saved

Office employees in front of multiple screens at desk
  • LLumin integrated seamlessly with SunnyD’s pre-existing ERP (Microsoft Dynamics AX)
  • Management finally achieved visibility over every part in every storeroom
  • Maintenance-related compliance became more streamlined
Office employees in front of multiple screens at desk

Never risk a stockout again

“Having parts on-hand for scheduled maintenance is critical … because it can throw our maintenance schedule for the entire plant off-track or worse.” — Steve Verret, application support manager at SunnyD

Ready to take control?

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