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Posts by Cindy Wodecki

How IoT-enabled maintenance solutions can elevate the performance of assets in the field, the fleet, and the plant

Since early 2020, organizations that rely on industrial machinery have faced labor shortages, disconnected markets, and disrupted supply chains. We know that the impact is more pronounced for organizations that operate on different machinery and assets. So how can companies move forward? To thrive for the remainder of 2022, companies should adopt the Internet of…

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Machine as a Service + IIOT = Flexibility + Real Opportunity for American Manufacturing: An equation that can’t be ignored

American manufacturers cannot do anything about the pandemic, but they do have one economic arrow in their quiver to use to counteract the downward economic direction – that is, adopting the Machine as a Service approach toward deploying additional machinery.  American manufacturers who cannot come up with the capital to purchase new machinery can still…

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