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eRPortal is now LLumin! – Learn more about our new brand identity here.

Our Executive Team


Spotlight on the LLumin Team

Company Core Values

Find A Way

Go the Extra Mile

Have Fun Together

At LLumin, we’re more than just a bunch of computer geeks. Outside of work, we love cats, dogs, traveling and the Boston Red Sox. Our rich personal lives provide us a perspective that helps us relate to our customers – on a personal AND professional level. Learn more about some of the people behind the scenes at LLumin.

Ed Garibian

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Garibian is an electrical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in software deployment and development. He worked as a design engineer at Texas Instruments and as a semi-conductor marketing engineer in Boston before launching his first business in West Springfield, MA, in 1989.

Karen Rossi

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Rossi is a seasoned technology professional with over 30 years of experience managing corporate operations and leading software development teams.  She has a background in programming and analytics as well as a deep appreciation for process improvements, operations and efficiency.

“I enjoy every aspect of my role at LLumin, but most fulfilling is to see the incredible talent and dedication of our staff on a daily basis.”

Doug Ansuini

Vice President and Chief Software Architect

Phil Knight

Sr Developer

I keep the code bug free and nimble so we can keep moving forward and add cool  features to our products!


Tom Manolakis


What I enjoy most about my position: I like that much of what I do is involved within the entire architecture of our product, meaning that I have gotten to understand how each level of the product works.


Connie Houle

Human Resources

The great aspect of my position here, I’m enjoying finding creative ways to have a positive and fun culture at LLumin


Cindy Wodecki

Accounting Manager

I enjoy my assortment of responsibilities and the company culture here at LLumin.


Kristan Moyna

Administrative Assistant

I enjoy the diversity of my role within LLumin, I get to work with everyone in the company on various projects from Travel Arrangements and Billing to Event Planning. The ever-changing nature of the work keeps me engaged and always learning. I love the culture of the company, everyone works hard, has a good time and enjoys what they do.


Jack Shea

Software Consultant

Working with users, learning how different businesses operate and can best use our software.


Ann Porten

Channel Sales and Business Development Manager


Andrew Echeverria

Sr Developer

I enjoy the amount of freedom that we’re afforded to not only solve problems but solve them the correct ways.  I also like how involved I am with Amazon Web Services and the entire software development lifecycle from code writing to deployment.


Greg Echeverria


What I love about this job is the adventure of the development process: Starting with a blank web page and turning it into a fully functional screen in our application.


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