Webinar Explores Food and Beverage Manufacturing Challenges from a Manufacturer’s Perspective

There are two parts to every customer case study; challenges and a solution. SunnyD, a user of LLumin operations software for more than a decade, will speak to both in a one-hour webinar on April 7 at 1 pm EST. Register now to hear from the popular beverage manufacturer first-hand. 

In short, SunnyD, formerly known as Sunny Delight, uses LLumin to keep manufacturing lines humming, while handling safety and regulatory compliance.

Like most everyone in the manufacturing industry, the key to surviving and thriving is minimizing machine and production downtime. Downtime is big money in any business, with an hour costing companies an average of $260,000, according to Aberdeen Group, a research and analysis firm.

Listen in and Learn

Join LLumin’s President and CEO, Ed Garibian as he talks about how LLumin’s software minimizes Food & Beverage manufacturing downtime and reduces regulatory and compliance risk. Also, hear first-hand from LLumin client Sunny D (Harvest Hill Beverage) about how they have successfully used the software for more than a decade to optimize their manufacturing plants to maximize uptime.

The webinar is geared toward personnel and leadership who are responsible for minimizing operational downtime and regulatory compliance. There will be a software demo followed by a Q&A period.

SunnyD: Then and Now

In the every-second-counts food and beverage industry, moving on from fragmented time- and resource-devouring paper-based processes is a must today. Over 10 years ago, SunnyD and LLumin partnered to automate, digitize and add intelligence to the beverage maker’s operations.

Chief Challenges

SunnyD faces a variety of challenges, similar to manufacturers of any complex product. The company must keep equipment on production lines operating safely to prevent injuries and comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. The equipment must be well maintained so it runs at peak efficiency to avoid unplanned downtime, diminished production, or have issues with poor product quality.

Beyond those traditional manufacturing concerns, food and beverage producers face additional challenges. Production problems and downtime can result in raw materials, basic ingredients, and final products spoiling. And in addition to normal safety requirements, financial reporting and transparency regulations, a food and beverage producer also must comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The ability to automatically track all resources, from spare parts for equipment, to heavy machine assets and hazardous materials is essential in modern manufacturing. This is no small task as the beverage maker that brought you Sunny Delight and Veryfine juices is headquartered in Cincinnati and employs five, far-flung plants.

Learn from Leaders

Learn how implementing LLumin operations software has enabled SunnyD to advance its manufacturing efforts while other food and beverage makers are still looking to address the very same challenges. Hear from the forward-thinking beverage maker continues to advance crucial processes in order to prevent costly downtime. Register now!