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Notification and Approval Workflow Notification and Approval
Workflow Module

Tablet - Notification Workflow

Events, fields values, or requests can trigger workflow actions.

Rules based platform supports sequential or concurrent action.

Workflow can be notification or approval based.

Workflow can be notification or approval based.

Set notification workflows based on anything that affects your operations.

LLumin’s CMMS and Materials Management suites feature an event-driven notification and escalation module that ensures that critical events are appropriately acknowledged and acted upon to prevent unnecessary downtime and to meet production timelines and regulatory compliance.

The Notification and Approval Workflow module enables the creation of notification workflows based on a variety of potential events, such as unplanned machine outages, low inventory, material deliveries and more. This module integrates with both our Maintenance Management and Materials Management Suites, making it well suited for industrial, municipal and higher ed customers.

Why Our Customers Love This CMMS and Materials Management Software Module

  • Event-driven and approval-driven notifications
  • Multiple levels of workflow to mirror real-life business circumstances
  • Helps regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, OSHA, FDA, EPA and more
  • Provides an audit trail for approved dollars being spent
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Learn more about improving regulatory compliance and Lean Production.

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