Asset Facility View


EAM Module: Asset Facility View

Asset Facility View picks up where ESRI GIS and Google Maps leave off – a graphical view for maintenance and engineering that shows the location and real-time status of equipment inside your facilities.

For large manufacturers, not only is it critical to know when a machine or piece of equipment has unexpectedly gone down, but where that machine is located in your facility so that maintenance can be dispatched quickly to assess and fix the issue.

This equipment asset management software enables companies to upload interior photos, architectural drawings or auto CAD drawings of manufacturing facilities, then draw in machinery and other assets to gain a top-down perspective of the location and condition of all critical assets in those facilities.

Where READYAsset’s ESRI ArcGIS Interface offers maximum visibility for outdoor assets, our Asset Facility View module offers the ability to view, locate and manage critical equipment inside production facilities.

That functionality enables plant managers the ability to schedule work based on location and proximity.

What Our Customers Love about this Equipment Asset Management Software

The Asset Facility View module in our READYAsset facility asset management software enables plant managers to view the location and condition of equipment, with color-coded symbology that alerts personnel to the need for inspections, maintenance or repair.

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