Operations Software Solution – backup


When Uptime Means Everything

LLumin’s sophisticated operations software for managing assets and materials provides the transparency and visibility needed by industrial plants and facilities with heavy infrastructure investments.   While monitoring the assets, the software proactively determines when and what type of service is needed to prevent downtime while ensuring all safety, regulatory, compliance and legal requirements are enforced and documented

Industry Leaders Depend On LLumin

Llumin solutions are used by:

  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of electronics or metals
  • Construction and mining operations 
  • Higher education facilities
  • Municipalities managing water, infrastructure and public works
  • BioFuels and other emerging industries

Features Not Available Anywhere Else

By monitoring equipment in real-time, our powerful software utilizes rules that trigger personnel notification, confirmation, follow-up and process documentation from start to finish.

LLumin incorporates Management of Change (MOC) and regulatory compliance form generation directly into our software suite. Documents are produced when they are needed, accurately and completely filled out.

Our asset management software is 100% cross-platform compatible, mobile and web-ready. We’ve designed our solutions using industry-standard protocols like HTML 5 and IoT-enabled code, allowing us to deploy literally anywhere.

Easy, Scalable and Flexible

  • LLumin software is very easy to deploy.    And our professional services and READYSupport team guide you along the way. 
  • Our training coupled with intuitive, easy-to-understand menus allows even novice users to quickly master our software and become experts using our software to help them accomplish what they need daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • LLumin technology easily integrates with your legacy software, bridging potential gaps in workflow.
  • Any type of asset, infrastructure or work process can be custom configured in LLumin’s customer-driven environment. Once a user becomes proficient with one LLumin module, those skills translate to any other LLumin feature set. 
A graphic of LLumin’s mobile-first interface.

Your Organization’s Benefits

By minimizing machine downtime, LLumin’s software keeps production levels high and operations uninterrupted.

The optimization of compliance mitigates financial, legal, and safety risks. Our software produces OSHA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FED, FDA and EPA compliance documents when they are due and without prompting.


Key Materials Management Modules that Keep
Your Facility Safe & Compliant


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