LLumin has been approved to attend the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference

[Nashville TN, September 23, 2019] – LLumin, Inc is pleased to have been accepted to participate in the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference September 23-27 in Nashville, TN. Participation in the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference is by invitation only and all applications go through a vetting process that determines acceptance. LLumin is an industry leader in operations software solutions for the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Asset & Materials Management and Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) markets.
LLumin’s sophisticated operations software for managing assets and materials provides the transparency and visibility needed by industrial plants and facilities with heavy infrastructure investments. While monitoring the assets, the software proactively determines when and what type of service is needed to minimize production and operational downtime while ensuring all safety, health, environmental and financial compliance requirements are enforced and documented.
LLumin’s software integrates into Emerson’s DeltaV Distributed Control System and allows customers to use condition status and values from DeltaV to automatically trigger work orders, notifications or part requisitions. The customer can pre-set exact instructions and procedures to follow for any set of machine parameters recorded.

More information can be found at www.llumin.com.


LLumin, Inc. provides operations software that dramatically helps enterprises minimize downtime, optimize the performance of their assets, streamline the logistics associated with managing critical materials, and ensure compliance with the safety, health, environmental and financial regulations that impact their business.