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Facilities Maintenance Computerized Maintenance Management Software

LLumin’s READYAsset optimizes the operations facilities and building infrastructure, using control systems knowledge to proactively trigger corrective action and increase efficiencies in maintenance and energy management.

Features Not Available Anywhere Else

LLumin’s sophisticated operations software for managing enterprise assets and materials provides the transparency and visibility needed by industrial plants and facilities with heavy infrastructure investments. While monitoring the assets, the software proactively determines when and what type of service is needed to prevent downtime while ensuring all safety, regulatory, compliance and legal requirements are enforced and documented.

By monitoring equipment in real-time, our powerful software utilizes rules that trigger personnel notification, confirmation, follow-up and process documentation from start to finish.

LLumin incorporates Management of Change (MOC) and regulatory compliance form generation directly into our software suite. Documents are produced when they are needed, accurately and completely filled out.

Our asset management software is 100% cross-platform compatible, mobile and web-ready. We’ve designed our solutions using industry-standard protocols like HTML 5 and IoT-enabled code, allowing us to deploy literally anywhere.

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