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Computer Maintenance Management Software Solution

LLumin’s READYAsset and READYTrak software improves and enhances compliance and safety for manufacturers, municipalities and higher education facilities as well as reduces operational downtime.

READYTrak reduces safety, financial, regulatory, and legal risk by:

  • Accurately tracking, managing and reordering inventory, stockrooms and warehouses
  • Accurately tracking and managing tools and equipment including hazardous materials and any type of inventory, component or tooling, including uniquely identified entities and fractional quantities.
  • Enabling sophisticated eProcurement-based ordering, fulfillment and usage tracking.

READYAsset, a CMMS software solution, helps facilities by:

  • Minimizing downtime through proactive maintenance
  • Reducing the time to document and thereby ensure compliance with worker safety regulations such as those mandated by OSHA.

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