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Webinar Explores Food and Beverage Manufacturing Challenges from a Manufacturer’s Perspective

There are two parts to every customer case study; challenges and a solution. SunnyD, a user of LLumin operations software for more than a decade, will speak to both in a one-hour webinar on April 7 at 1 pm EST. Register now to hear from the popular beverage manufacturer first-hand.  In short, SunnyD, formerly known as Sunny Delight, uses LLumin to keep manufacturing lines humming, while handling safety and regulatory compliance. Like most everyone in the manufacturing industry, the key to surviving and thriving is minimizing machine and production downtime. Downtime is big money in any business, with an hour...

Manufacturing in a World of Disrupted Supply Chains

Supply chains are not impervious to disruption, be they caused by natural disasters (pandemics, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.), changes in political leadership, military actions, tariffs and viruses. That’s because manufacturers often rely on parts produced in countries around the world to manufacture their finished products. In the resulting world of turmoil, manufacturers can take decisive steps to deal with anticipated – and in some cases actual – disruption in their international supply chains. Part shortages are a distinct possibility, a situation that could cripple production and grind plants to a halt Fast action, advanced software required Though an extended parts shortage...

Mobilizing Your Maintenance Management Workforce to Minimize Downtime

With companies across vertical industries seeking predictive maintenance to minimize costly machine and production downtime in industrial manufacturing, interest in enabling a mobile workforce is climbing quickly. Providing maintenance staff access to your data from a smartphone or tablet lets them stay on top of issues at any time of day, from any location. The difference between expensive problems and smooth maintenance resolution can be just a matter of minutes.  In fact, the average cost of downtime across all businesses is roughly $260,000 per hour. That's according to Aberdeen Group, a research and consulting firm. The answer? Provide your maintenance...

Minimize Downtime and Reduce Inventory Cost by Optimizing Spare Part Availability

The lack of a spare part for one of the machines in your plant can lead to downtime. If a critical part is not in stock, the plant runs the risk of extended downtime from equipment failure. However, inventory is expensive. If a company is overstocked and has too many spare parts, it is overpaying for storage, and the parts may become obsolete as manufacturers update their lines. How do you find the right balance? With legacy equipment, a preventive maintenance approach could help provide that equilibrium between having too many parts sitting in stock rooms and not having a...

How Automated Workflows Improve Incident Reporting Compliance

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LLumin's Insight

For years, manufacturers have submitted OSHA 300A forms covering work-related injuries and illnesses. Last year, OSHA required businesses to submit them digitally. Manufacturers that tracked such processes on paper needed to make a change. A smart way to transition is to make reporting part of a broader safety compliance effort based on a materials tracking and inventory management solution such as LLumin’s READYTrak, which can help ensure the enforcement and automatic documentation of compliance processes.

Article Excerpt:
Last July, OSHA began to require U.S. businesses to submit their 300A forms digitally.  

How Can READYTrak and READYAsset help your Supply Chain?

Asset tracking in supply chains is undergoing many changes that promise to deliver new benefits. Traditional asset tracking technologies like barcode and RFID ID are being supplemented or replaced with IOT enabled tracking methodologies. These new Internet of Things (IoT) devices can provide real-time tracking, as well as information on the condition of items in the field or in transit. Specifically, tracking tags and sensors can provide real-time location data about goods in transit or sitting in a warehouse. Additionally, some sensors can collect temperature and pressure data, or whether packaging is damaged. Unfortunately, many companies that use such sensors...

The Value of Retaining Institutional Knowledge in Today’s Industrial Workplace

Today’s workplaces are dynamic. Workers come and go. When that happens, the experiences they’ve built up go also. The key is to retain the knowledge they have gained and keep it for others to use. How important is this issue? On average, about 20% of a company’s staff leaves in a given year. The numbers have steadily grown over the last five years. And more workers are expected to leave the workforce in the near future as about 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65 every day for the next 15 years. Employees leaving for a different job...