READYAsset Increases Plant Run Time Above 99% and Pays For Itself In Under 3-Years

Red Cedar Gathering uses the asset management to do predictive and preventive maintenance by monitoring and analyzing historical and real-time data such as temperatures and pressures. “The additional data helps us keep a close eye on the condition of the equipment,” says Velasquez. “We now proactively measure the condition of our equipment and set historical and condition-based rules. We record machine data to see the condition of our equipment and use preset rules to identify out-of-spec conditions.” “We can also now analyze the data and optimize the treating capabilities. We keep tighter thresholds on temperatures now and have a more...

What’s the Difference Between Preventive, Proactive, and Predictive Maintenance?

Downtime in a plant or facility leads to lost productivity. It disrupts operations, causes maintenance staff to divert time from scheduled projects, and can have significant negative business implications, including lost revenue, significant unplanned expenses, missed deadlines and damage to a company’s reputation. To avoid these problems, manufacturers and facility and plant managers are moving away from traditional maintenance methods where you wait for something to break, and then you fix it. Reactive approaches like this result in disruptions and unplanned downtime. A better approach is preventive maintenance, which is a routine for periodically inspecting equipment with the goal of...

Will Smart Factories Remove the Need for Humans?

The implementation of Industry 4.0 tech may increase the likelihood of fully autonomous factories, but it isn't the end for human workers on the shop floor.  

Predictive Maintenance Requires Accurate Data

  Although the machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that enable predictive maintenance are helpful, they’re only as helpful as they’re trained to be.  

DIU Brings Predictive Maintenance to the Navy

The Pentagon's innovation arm looks to expand predictive maintenance technology to Navy ships.

Is it Prime Time for Predictive Technology in MRO?

The past few years have seen growing adoption of predictive analytics within the supply chain, but maintenance, repair and operations may not be the right place just yet.