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Warehouse Execution Systems Can Unlock the Potential of Automation Assets

LLumin's Insight

With warehouse execution systems, workflows can be adapted on the fly. This achieves greater efficiency by harnessing the data collected through automation and marrying it with employee operations. No longer do bottlenecks in one part of the line hold up workers in another part of the line. Employees can be redeployed based on real-time needs. These are reported by automated systems to keep human and mechanical operations moving smoothly.

Article Excerpt:
A WES can help with talent retention by making employees’ work more productive and fulfilling.  

Asset Tracking: Material Handling Benefits | Material Handling Management

LLumin's Insight

Asset tracking through materials handling helps companies make efficient use of resources at every step, from supply chain to consumer returns. Barcodes and RFID technology are affordable asset tracking solutions that roll out easily and deliver actionable, accurate information. When paired with software tracking tools, asset tracking makes it possible to allocate and redirect resources with maximum effectiveness.

Article Excerpt:
Pivotal asset management technology helps companies stay in business during difficult economic times.