Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Hours on the Rise, Despite Technology

  Many audit teams are neglecting to implement new technologies that could reduce the time needed for SOX audit requirements.

Apple Loses Pair of Key Operations, Supply Chain Executives

Apple Inc. has lost a pair of veteran executives who worked in the manufacturing, supply chain and operations group and were key participants in the production of many of the company’s major devices.

U.S. Manufacturing Is Bouncing Back

After six straight months of contracting, U.S. manufacturing has bounced back based on the ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index [PMI]. The current PMI is over 50 at a value of 50.9 in January 2020. A value over 50 indicates expansion. Notably, the PMI value was over 60 until fall of 2018 when it dropped precipitously. Although the current reading is a positive sign that the manufacturing in the U.S. is recovering, it is only one month’s reading. The manufacturing turnaround in January was driven by gains in new orders, production, and deliveries. However, employment in the manufacturing sector is still...

Amazon, Google, Apple Set Aside Differences to Establish IoT Standard

The biggest tech companies in the world will stand side-by-side on an initiative to make smart devices easier to connect.

FDA System Called “Antiquated”

E. coli in produce causes 48% of food-borne illnesses linked to the bacteria. FDA wants to digitize records to trace sources of outbreaks but has no timeline.

READYAsset Increases Plant Run Time Above 99% and Pays For Itself In Under 3-Years

Red Cedar Gathering uses the asset management to do predictive and preventive maintenance by monitoring and analyzing historical and real-time data such as temperatures and pressures. “The additional data helps us keep a close eye on the condition of the equipment,” says Velasquez. “We now proactively measure the condition of our equipment and set historical and condition-based rules. We record machine data to see the condition of our equipment and use preset rules to identify out-of-spec conditions.” “We can also now analyze the data and optimize the treating capabilities. We keep tighter thresholds on temperatures now and have a more...

Overcoming the Knowledge Gap

After years of working with customers to implement software and systems that gather data, I’ve noticed the process is often implemented backward.

Top Safety Concerns in the Manufacturing Industry

Exposed wires, fatigued workers, poorly maintained equipment. Manufacturing facilities are riddled with risks, both hidden and out in the open. If you don’t know where to begin looking, such hazards can result in serious injury or death.

Selecting a CMMS: Stepping Up Your Public Asset Management Game

A water utility strives to progress along a cost savings path moving from paper-based reactive work orders to a planned maintenance strategy using a CMMS to gain an estimated 12 to 18 percent cost savings.  

Water Systems And Legionella

A recent report suggests a range of approaches can and should be used to better protect the public from Legionella bacteria.