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Archive for October 2019

Marrying Asset Management with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows users to enhance their field of view with real-time superimposed digital information. The technology is now being more widely used in maintenance and repair operations, and its value is enhanced when complemented with data and historical knowledge from asset management systems. Using AR in maintenance and repair allows technicians to receive…

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How to Fit Artificial Intelligence into Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in many manufacturing areas from robotics on factory floors to predictive maintenance to prevent equipment downtime. However, AI is still a new technology. Companies lack expertise in its use, and they need to guarantee a return on investment (ROI). Rather than being widely embraced, the use of AI in most plants is gradually phased in in the form of testbeds and smaller projects. Such projects help prove out the technology for expanded use.

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Predictive Maintenance Requires Accurate Data

Predictive maintenance of equipment based on artificial intelligence models holds great promise. An asset management system could alert a plant or facilities manager that a piece of equipment is about to fail. However, predictions are only as good as the data they are based on. A false alarm triggered by a lack of data or inaccurate data can lead to incorrect actions and additional costs. Bottom line: predictive maintenance will only be able to predict those problems for which it already has accurate data.

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LLumin has been approved to attend the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference

[Nashville TN, September 23, 2019] – LLumin, Inc is pleased to have been accepted to participate in the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference September 23-27 in Nashville, TN. Participation in the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference is by invitation only and all applications go through a vetting process that determines acceptance. LLumin is an industry…

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DIU Brings Predictive Maintenance to the Navy

The U.S. Navy is planning to use artificial intelligence-based predictive maintenance. The technology aims to eliminate unplanned downtime for critical shipboard systems powered by pumps and motors. Failure of such devices in a land-based plant or facility is disruptive enough. At sea, and in combat situations, breakdowns can endanger the crew. The initiative, which is headed by the Defense Innovation Unit, builds on previous Department of Defense AI-based predictive maintenance programs for the Army and Air Force.

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How Can READYTrak and READYAsset help your Supply Chain?

Asset tracking in supply chains is undergoing many changes that promise to deliver new benefits. Traditional asset tracking technologies like barcode and RFID ID are being supplemented or replaced with IOT enabled tracking methodologies. These new Internet of Things (IoT) devices can provide real-time tracking, as well as information on the condition of items in…

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Asset tracking: Managing your CMMS

CMMS is expanding from asset lifecycle management to asset performance management. To realize the benefits of such smart systems, it is important to keep in mind that ease of use is essential, given that more than 95% of CMMS data comes from human interaction. That includes administrators configuring and maintaining master data, maintenance managers adding maintenance plans and setting thresholds for machine operations and users contributing data on machine performance.

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The Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

The Critical Role of CMMS in Preventive Maintenance – Preventive maintenance is a pro-active way to prevent asset failure and reduce downtime. Planning a preventative maintenance schedule involves tracking data manually to determine when servicing needs to be performed. Using CMMS software can make it much less difficult than trying to do it manually.

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